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God of War Trilogy Soundtracks
SCE Santa Monica Studio
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God of War 3
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This is the complete three soundtracks for God of War, God of War 2 and God of War 3 ripped in 256kbps Mp3 Format. This includes tracks by Gerard Marino, Ron Fish, Mike Reagan, Jeff Rona, Cris Velasco, and more...

1. God of War III Overture (Gerard Marino)
2. Call to Arms (Gerard Marino)
3. Poseidon's Wrath (Gerard Marino)
4. Revenge Falling (Gerard Marino)
5. Anthem of the Dead (Jeff Rona)
6. Depths of Hades (Ron Fish)
7. The Forge of Hephaestus (Mike Reagan)
8. Labor of Destruction (Ron Fish)
9. The Three Judges (Ron Fish)
10. The Lost Souls (Ron Fish)
11. Duel with Hades (Jeff Rona)
12. Tides of Chaos (Gerard Marino)
13. Stalker (Cris Velasco)
14. The Muse's Song (Cris Velasco)
15. Brothers of Blood (Cris Velasco)
16. Lure of a Goddess (Jeff Rona)
17. The March of Tartarus (Ron Fish)
18. The Great Machine (Mike Reagan)
19. Pandora's Song (Cris Velasco)
20. Revenge Rising (Mike Reagan)
21. All for Nothing (Cris Velasco)
22. Rage of Sparta (Gerard Marino)
23. In the Face of Fear (Mike Reagan)
24. End of Vengeance (Gerard Marino)

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