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Mount&Blade: Warband - Litus Module Beta v.04

File Info: Mount&Blade: Warband - Litus Module Beta v.04

Mount&Blade: Warband - Litus Module Beta v.04
Litus Module Team
Also known as:
Mount and Blade: Warband
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Description: Mount&Blade: Warband - Litus Module Beta v.04

Litus is a module designed to enhance gameplay and features of the warband expansion of Mount & Blade. It includes improved siege scenes, new armour textures, new items, faction balancing and a lot more fun!

** WARNING: This module is not compatible with warband versions earlier than 1.105. If you are crashing upon loading up the game make sure you are using version 1.105 before reporting any problems **

There have been some reports of crashing while using Windows 7. Compatibility mode of XP SP2 or SP3 seems to help most people

This module is tested SOLELY in Warband. I wouldn't recommend using it for a native installation

Until the module kit comes out I will primarily be focusing on gameplay corrections and changes to help offset some of my personal opinions of shortcomings in the game. Things may change as new versions of warband come out.

Installation Instructions:

Simply unzip the file and copy the folder into your Modules/ directory of your warband installation. Then you select Litus as the module of choice in the title screen.

Upcoming Improvements currently in development:
- Troop balancing (no more mamlukes dominating the game)
- Expanded troop trees (around 25 different troop types per faction)
- Improved meshes/textures/armors

Todos to be announced once mod kit released.

Recent Changelog:

0.4 - April 13, 2010
- Disabled tutorial window from popping up once on world map
- Villages will now randomly generate prosperity faster than they did before
- Mills upgrade village prosperity every 12 hours (temporarily to properly test)
- New armours with new textures have been added
- Bandits now spawn every 24 hours instead of every 48. The total # of bandits hasn't changed but now they will reappear faster in game.

Bug Fix:
- Fixed several naming problems in the new armor items
- Fixed capitalization error in items database causing some data errors and misformed armour displays.
- Unused troops should no long spawn in game (they will still exist in a current game but once killed no more will come back). New games should have no "unused" troops

0.3a - April 12, 2010
- Fixed the experience given to general troops to a more realistic level...not at developer level =)

0.3 - April 12, 2010
Be sure to read the release notes at:,105082.msg2620011.html#msg2620011

** 0.3's release is not compatible with Native savegames or earlier Litus savegames

- Normalized all factions to have about 20 different troop types. All troop types from one faction are currently equal to another as start of the balance and diversification process
- World map texture has been greatly enhanced (should have no impact on framerates for anyone and look great even for those using older computers)
- New armours with new textures have been added. They are not applied to any troops but they can be purchased in the market.
- Siege scenes have been completely remapped replacing the old broken scenes with ones that work with the new city and castle designs.
- NPCs have been updated to have the potential of getting higher tier reinforcements (while NPCs may still get troops like farmers or's much more unlikely and in far fewer numbers)

Bug Fixes:
- Tavern Keepers have been whipped into submission and are now buying prisoners properly.

0.2 - April 9, 2010

Various Basic Configuations
- Leadership now gives 7 troops per point down from 10
- 20 Renown is required per troop boost increased from 15
- Companion interaction has been disabled (may require a new game in order for companions respect this code change)

Bug Fixes:
- Troop wages now actually are reduced properly

Known Bugs:
- The Siege Pack that is included isn't 100% ported to warband. Most notably Sargoth is half in the world. Most places however work fine.
- Inventory button during seiges produces a non game-breaking error.

Version 0.1:

Various Basic configurations:
- Cattle follow instead of flee
- Chance of enemy lords escaping a battle reduced to 30 down from 80%
- Chance of enemy lords escaping a town with no prison reduce to 25 down from 30%
- Available tournament bets increased by 10x
- Leadership gives bonus of 10 max prisoners per point up from 5
- Value of prisoners increased to 150 up from 5
- Tavern Keepers can buy prisoners
- Total number of possible bandits on map doubled
- Respawn hours of bandit parties increased to 48 hours up from 36
- Default party size increased to 40 up from 10
- Leadership now give 15 members per point up from 5
- Amount of renown needed per additional party member decreased to 15 down from 25
- Build time of town/village improvements decreased by 66%
- Engineering now has 50% more sway in credit reduction and timeframe reduction of improvements
- Villages will now offer more troops per recruitment
- Horse charge damage increased by 150% (this is not as overpowering as you may think but it does now make cavalry a much more viable option against infantry/archers that don't defend against it)
- Heroes now drain 66% less morale than they used to
- Leadership now produces nearly 400% more morale to offset large party morale loss caused by other configuration changes.
- Kings will now offer 10,000 gold (up from 900) when they refuse your request for a conquered fief. This now makes siegeing worthwhile after all expenses and odd lack of loot from the siege.
- Schools now give +4 faction per month up from +1
- Permanent stat loss due to aging & capture how now been disabled
- Troop wages have been reduced by around half
- Siege towers will now complete in a third of the time they used to.
- You can now use your inventory menu (I key) while sieging

Integrated Addons:
- Siege pack from M&B's original Lords & Realms mod has been included to allow for more access points for attacking troops

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