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Digimon Battle Game Client v3.0

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Digimon Battle Game Client v3.0
Also known as:
Digimon Masters Online
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Digimon Battle is an online role-playing game where players work as Tamers to nurture and train their Digimon companions.Play to become the best Tamer in strategic combat,while also engaging in entertaining and challenging battles at any time in Battle Mode. Digimon Tamers must help the good Digimon digivolve to grow stronger,so you can work as partners to defeat the evil Digimon.Select from among 4 different Tamers to level up along with your companion Digimon while you both gain experience together in battle and advance your fighting skills.Embark on adventures in the digital world,experience multiple Digivolutions,interact with Digimon friends and master the critical attack skills just like the ones that Digimon characters used in the popular animated TV series.

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