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Ocarina Of Time De-Make for Gameboy Demo

File Info: Ocarina Of Time De-Make for Gameboy Demo

Ocarina Of Time De-Make for Gameboy Demo
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Description: Ocarina Of Time De-Make for Gameboy Demo

This is a remake of LoZ: Ocarina of Time for N64 with Gameboy type graphics and gameplay. Almost everything that was in Oot will be in this game, although some things will have to change in the transition between 3D to 2D.

I have been working on the game for over a year so I have quite a bit done.
Demos 1 and 2 were just engine tests so I won't bother posting them.
(Demo 3.1 is a bug fix of 3.0, so I won't bother posting that either.)

The demo contains all of Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods, and the Deku Tree Dungeon. Including all enemies, items, Gohma, etc. You can play up until you get the Kokiri Emerald but cannot enter Hyrule Field.
You will notice the layout of Kokiri Forest is different then Oot, but it's neccesary
for the rest of the games maps to work.

Check the Readme file for controls (future releases will have controls customizable)

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