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Dragon Age: Origins - JBTextures Mod

Dragon Age: Origins - JBTextures Mod
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File Info: Dragon Age: Origins - JBTextures Mod

Dragon Age: Origins - JBTextures Mod
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Dragon Age
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Description: Dragon Age: Origins - JBTextures Mod

BioWare released Dragon Age: Origins recently, but many textures throughout the game are noticeably low-resolution. This texture package gives the game new, resized textures (Using fractal method, fake HDR and my own photoshop methods). With JBtextures, the world of Dragon Age: Origins will look significantly more detailed and just Better! Included is the main texture mode executable, patches, and optional very high definition textures.

JBtextures 2.1:

- Need 50% less memory then version 2.0.
- Faster loading.
- No more black and corrupted textures.
- Weapon and shield in main pack.
- Change project name from HDtextures to JB(Just Better)textures.

JBtextures 2.0:

- Diffuse textures were resized to have double the resolution, using fractal method (Higher quality, but takes longer for me to do).
- Textures were sharpened using Photoshop ("Sharp Mask").
- Custom fake HDR was applied to each texture (Done in Photoshop, less bright and less dark than JBtextures 1.0).
- Alpha Layer removed to reduce file size.
- 2 or 3 map LOD added to each texture to reduce file size.

Before installing, know that JBtextures 2.0 needs more RAM and VRAM from your computer than the game's default textures (Double the amount). Expect the game's loading times to increase (5 - 10 seconds more than usual).

What haven't I changed in JBtextures 2.0?

Armor textures - They already have adequate textures - increasing their quality would significantly cripple game performance.

Installation instructions:

If you using any old version, like 1.0, 1.3, 2.0, then please go to [default] C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\packages\core\ and delete folder 'override'.

1. Download the files.
2. Unpack the files using WinRAR / 7-Zip.
3. Once you unpack the files, you will get a folder called 'override' for each part.
4. Copy this folder to your game installation folder [default] C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\packages\core\.
5. When asked to overwrite, click Yes.
5. Done. Any problems? Go ahead and ask!


Q: I'm download files but i can't unpack! It's corrupted!
A: No is not. Sometimes Nexus server break downloaded. Just make sure the file size is the same with file in download section or look here: PART1 - 250MB, PART2 - 250MB, PART3 - 232MB, 4096_terrain - 205MB , JBtex_patch - 44MB.

Q: I have corrupted textures in game! Why?
A: Maybe you don't proper uninstall old version mod? Or you must update you'r drivers and directx.

Q: I see yellow lines on terrain textures.
A: Bug from BioWare, and i can't help with this. Make sure you'r proper uninstall old version mod.

Q: I still see black textures?!
A: Bug from BioWare, memory leak. Make sure you have minimum 2048 virtual memory. And if this happen save game, and restart you'r PC.

Q: I have only v1, do I need to download v2 and v2.1, or do I just download v2.1 and delete v1 to make it work?
A: Just download v2.1 and delete v1.

Q: I have the Hd 2.0 with all the hotfixes and stuff. Now I need to download the new files?
A: No, you don't need.

Q: Do i install the two updates before or after the Higher terrain texture ?
A: You can before or after :)

Q: Inside buildings in Denerim all walls is black!
A: If any of you have black textures in Denerim, please uninstall all vhigh textures!!! Default pack with high textures is good for everyone. Vhigh textures need a lot more memory!

For every is a four files: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 and Patch 1. They are good for every PC config. Rest of files need much more memory, then you can experiment and see when you'r PC can't handle.

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