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Crysis - DeLorean Time Machine v1.0

File Info: Crysis - DeLorean Time Machine v1.0

Crysis - DeLorean Time Machine v1.0
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Description: Crysis - DeLorean Time Machine v1.0

Go back to the future with this genuine, working DeLorean time machine for Crysis. Doc Brown's is recreated with delightful accuracy, as are the movies' special effects.

You'll need to add it to levels yourself through the Sandbox, but nobody said time travel would be easy--though the Sandbox certainly isn't complicated. Instructions are included.


1. Open Sandbox (Crysis or Crysis Wars version)
2. Load a map. DeLorean needs to reach 88 MPH to time travel so maps have long, straight roads are recommended, such as Tarmac and Mesa (*) maps.
3. Open DataBase ( View > Open View Pane > DataBase View )
4. Switch to "Prefabs Library" tab, click "Load Library" and load "DeLorean.xml".
5. Select "DeLorean_Time_Machine" from list and drag&drop to map.
6. Switch to game ( Game>Switch to Game ) and have fun!


To make time travel with DeLorean:
Turn time circuits on by pressing "T" and reach 88MPH. When DeLorean reaches 88MPH, it changes map's time randomly. You need to use turbo to reach that speed, but don't use turbo until your speed is close to 70MPH. You will need to wait 10 seconds to make another time travel.

To watch DeLorean's time travel:
Make sure time circuits are off. While your speed faster than 88MPH turn time circuits on by pressing "T" and get out of the car. DeLorean's speed will decelerate and when it's speed reaches 88MPH, DeLorean will jump in time.

To callback DeLorean, press "Y" and wait for it's return. DeLorean will return with high speed where it jumped, so stay away from it's way.

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