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Fallout 3 - FOOK 2 Fallout Overhaul Kit 2
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Description: Fallout 3 - FOOK 2 Fallout Overhaul Kit 2

The second installment of FOOK. This edition is designed to go beyond what FOOK had started. Including better weapons, armor, items, and an overall rework of the system from the ground up. FOOK2 and FOOK are different in that FOOK2 is a revamp and reproduction of everything that wasn't fixed in the original FOOK. The newer development was designed around better ergonomics between mods and compatibility to reduce bugs and overall conflict among some of the most popular pieces of work to date. What started off as nothing more than a compilation of previous mods and material turned into a completely new development. FOOK2 redesigns the wasteland in better flow with the fallout universe and tries to fill in the gaps that Bethesda left behind.

FOOK2 Beta v1.4/v1.0 RC Patch log:


:: Bugs fixes

- Fixed the Queen's Guard.
- Cat's Paw Magazine fixed.
- Fixed A3-21's Rifle and the new P94 Plasma Rifle meshes paths.

- Fixed/missing files for HUD Nightvision charge meters included.

- All Energy Weapons of FOOK, DIK, Mothership Zeta and EVE now have new or correct Empty Clip sounds.

- Temporary fix for the Super Mutant / Raider Captive scripts.
- Lucy shouldn't scream for help anymore if she's your Follower.
- FOOK Followers now have full voiced dialogs & lips sync. Yes, finally !

- The Two Regulator HQ / Sonora House bug should have been fixed.
- Removed misplaced uniques : Big Mac, Warthog, Mitchell's Side Arm.

Gameplay & Options
- Many Notes corrections thanks to Evhmovover.
- Typos on some item names fixed.
- Empty Whisky Bottle Renamed Empty Whiskey Bottle
- Arsonist perk description will now talk of criticals instead of critics.
- Fixes bug causing crash when removing NV Switch from player inventory.
- Fixed the Twilight Zone effect in the White House Utility Tunnel (aka player magnet).
- Fixed issues where various explosions would at times cause crashes.
- Speed effect on civilian outfits removed (were listed as +null). No more speedy NPCs!

- Removed two unplayable things from the QA [Apparel] Container.
- FOOK2 had a major update on how it edits Merchant Inventories and NPCs, making it much more friendly with other mods.
- FOOK2 had a major update on how it handles Followers. All the 4 FOOK followers should now behave exactly like the vanilla ones for quests and DLCs.
- Achievement Removers by JustinOther added. Even without GFWL running, AddAchievement code that is still active has been shown to cause crashes and other issues. This should help with those.

:: Adjustments

- Changed the attack animation of the M14.
- Eugene wont hide the backpack anymore.
- A3-21 Plasma Rifle had a big update! But why? Maybe it could be related to a mysterious faction...
- The Winchester P94 Plasma Rifle in game is now known as the Turbo P94 Plasma Rifle.

- Gave the Wasteland Outfit Object Effect to the Oasis Robe.
- Updated repair list for the Oasis Exile Hood.
- Reduced the weight of the Regulator Leather Jacket.
- Heavily nerfed the T-shirts.
- Balanced the weight & DR of every Raider Armor.
- Removed the screen darkening effect on Rivet City Riot Helmet, Vault 101 Security Helmet, Spacesuit, sunglasses and a lot of raider helmets.
- Talon Heavy Helmet now has a black mask under the gas mask.
- Added the Winterized T-45d Power Helmet to the Winterized NVG list.

Loot/Vendor Lists
- Updated ammunitions loot & vendor lists.

- Gave unique inventories to the Caravan Guards.
- Brianna and Lucy Followers now have infinite ammo by default.
- Nerfed the Oasis Mirelurk King.
- Improved the NPCs at the Regulator HQ.
- Hunters inventories changed again.
- Tribal Outfits made rarer.
- Renamed a lot of NPCs to have less cheesy names and better inventories.
- Civilians of all towns should see a greater variety of outfits, including hats.
- Changed slightly the names of some ranks of NPCs.
- Leveled Actor Templates adjusted to account for discovery of certain GECK settings not working as labeled and previous understood.

- Removed the Ausfand-Gewher from Germantown's Police HQ.

Lore & Flavor Material
- Moved the Surgeon Diary to another, better computer.

Gameplay & Options
- Nerfed the overpowered Casual Outfit and Wasteland Outfit Object Effects.
- Removed two unplayable helmets from the RepairCombatHelmet repair list (Protect Gear Face Mask and Talon Heavy Face Mask).
- Created new Repair Lists: FOOKFormRepairClothingLight (all Civilian, Business, Pre-War, Oasis, Slave, Tribal, T-Shirt, Vault Suits, Jumpsuits, Settlers outfits), FOOKFormRepairClothingMedium (all Leather, Coats, Raider, Scribes, Merc, Wasteland, Militia, Regulator, Enclave Officer, Field Jackets outfits), RepairCombatArmor (Security Uniforms, Combat Armors), RepairCombatHelmet (Combat Helmets, Helmets, Pickelhaubes), and FOOKFormRepairScience (Rad Suits, all Scientist / Doctor / Reseacher / Surgeon / Lab Outfits) in preparation of the coming salvage repair feature.
- You can now also repair BoS and Outcast Power Helmets with Recon Helmets.
- Streamlined FOOK projectiles. They will now be a bit faster and have less impact force. Chance of Tracer is also reduced by half.
- Lawbringer can't be chosen at level up anymore.

Scrapping & Salvage redone as a feature demo for this version:
- Only scrappable items are Destroyed Power Armor items and some junk items.
- Scrapping and Salvage lists for the Destroyed PA items overhauled and much improved. More variety in salvaged parts.
- Proper component parts added to repair lists for all Power Armor and Power Helmets. Salvaged parts are actually good for something now!
- Scrapping available on all Workbenches by default, and Field Salvage Kits can be purchased from general item merchants.

:: Additions

- T3T Misc Item icons added!

Loot/Vendor Lists
- Field Salvage Kit added to General Store Vendor lists.

Lore & Flavor Material
- Great Lore! Added a note to the Crazy Surgeon Terminal, another one on the body of the BoS Explorer in Olney and the last one in the Citadel Terminal Network.
- Added a bit of lore to Drifter.

Gameplay & Options
- Screen Blood options added to User Options menu: Off, Minimal, Normal (FO3 Default), Increased (FOOK2 Default), and Bloodbath.
- PipBoy Glove on/off added to User Options menu.
- FOOK2 Notes option now used.
- Option to remove all FOOK2 Perks now used (only available from console: StartQuest FOOKPerkRemoval).

- Fixed a typo in WANK map markers.
- Rewrote Sonora's dialogs about the Regulators at her HQ.
- Fixed one of the spawning Raider Captive in Springvale not to be bugged by the dirt.
- Minor tweaks to the Washington Monument Outpost.
- Tweaks to Map Markers.
- The only Porn Shop of the whole Wasteland got a little upgrade!
- Fixed the Lawbringer perk and quests surrounding it.
- Fixed the Super Mutant Captives.
- Cliffside Cavern cell name is now Cliffside Cavern instead of Raider Outpost.
- Some Talon Company Trucks have been added to the Wasteland. More to come.
- Talon Trucks are now better (own custom hulk, more hit points).
- New FOOK bosses

:: DIK
- Fixed Ammo Press "unlimited ammo" bug.
- Officer Lepelletier has a little present for you.

:: Zeta Addon
- Updated the MPLX Novasurge to be coherent with its FOOK2 counterpart.
- Various bug fixes.

:: EVE Addon
- Various fixes to EVE plugin.
- Updated Weapons stats to be coherents with FOOK2 last updates.

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