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Fallout 3 - FilePlanet Mod Pack v3.0

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Fallout 3 - FilePlanet Mod Pack v3.0
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Description: Fallout 3 - FilePlanet Mod Pack v3.0

This is the original Fallout 3 Mods Pack created during the first of Fallout 3. This version some essential and cool mods that makes Fallout 3 and the Wasteland much more enjoyable. It has everything players' want for the Wasteland from uber cool to just plain wacky. This version is now archived and replaced with the newer Fileplanet Fileblog: Fallout 3 Mod Pack v4.0.

Mods from Mod Pack v2.0 were featured in the Fileplanet Fileblog: Fallout 3 Mod Pack v2.0.

Even more mods from v3.0 were featured in the Fileplanet Fileblog: Wasteland v3.0.

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FilePlanet Mod Pack v3.00

This is the FilePlanet Fallout 3 Mod Pack containing the best mods, utilities, and files for Fallout 3. This package is aimed to bringing improvement, more enjoyment, and entertainment to the Wasteland. Feel free to distribute this file as long as the authors in this package get all due credit and giving Fileplanet some love.

Changelog v3.00a Premium Package

Added Geonox Race inside premium package
Added Kuzaburo Hair inside premium package
Added SVG Rifle inside premium package

You can get the Fallout 3 Mod Package Premium at this url

Changelog v3.00

Exotic Dancers by trynfkwtme - No explanation > visit & provide feedback at
Groovatron v1.31 by drayk_cannon - Includes a menu for more dance poses that works with Umpa Poses and Backsteppos poses
Some Poses v1.05 by Backsteppo - More crazy poses
Umpa Poses v.4 by Umpa - Have your character perform some silly poses by entering console codes

Andragons Apocalyptic Armoury by Andragons - A realstic looking military comabat tactical armor.
Armor Disguises by Suijen - Disguises yourself from the enemy by wearing putfits that will fool the enemy
Crusaders Armor v1 by 63valid - A cool looking armor that has a glow ing yellow medival theme
DeadSpace by TOXA - DEad Space armor at Moaira's that comes with the plasma cutter!
Hades Hellfire Armor v2 by 63valid - A evil looking armor that glows red and smoke effect.
Missing Unique Armor v2.06 and Clothing by Galahaut - Outfits left out by Bethesda that can be found and used.
Multiple Ways for Power Armor Training by Gryphon - Now you can don the power armor without Elder Lyons showing you.
RecoN Armor Brupo BABE by SPARTAN VI - The recon armor will be skin tight using the sexy BABE body by Brurpo and Luchaire
Warhammer 40K Space Marine by cerberos008 - Look any type of Space Marine in Warhammer 40K
Classic Fallout Advanced Power Armor v1.2 by Lexx - Fallout 2 armor straight out rocks!
Crysis Nano Suit by Toxa - Require Operation Anchorage, put on the Crysis power suit from Banon in Rivet City.
Stealthboy Recon Armor and Schematics by Offkorn - Become nearly invisible in stealth mode with Recon Armor
Wandering Ranger v1.2 by RabbitFly - A tactical light armor
Josef Grey Vanilla Armor Expansion v1.01 - Super high detailed leather armor
Coyote Neural Assistance Armor v1.2 by Renard - A uber power and futuristic power armor with special visuals and stealth.
Enclave Power Armor Hi Res Texture by

Body Enhancements
Underwear Texture for Brurpo body by sin7188 - Just download and enjoy it.
Luchaire Babe Body armor Mesh v1.1 - Modifies all armor and clothing to fit the BABE mod
Joesef Grey Kozaburo Hair Style - v1.01 - A great hair style for the ladies used by many mods
Geonox Alien Race by Geonox - Change into an alien race.
Brurpo BABE

Abandoned Carfort
Club House by Grimstad - a
Death Canyon v3.0 by AbsoluteDesign666 - The entrance is a pipe north of Raven Rock with a whole new world
Dtoms Rivet City v1.3 Update by Dtom - Adds a set of rooms in Rivet City home sold by Seagrove Holmes for 5000 caps

Aliyah v1.2 by WHawk13 - Rock Goth girl
Bashur kids v1.3 by Bashur -Play Fallout 3 as a kid
Calandra Seer by joshualwilliams1981 - A really adorable pixie brunete
Candy by Benz10wheel - Cute blond girl
Rin by Reddimus - an Asian Gal
Chuck Norris by ClarenceGideon Update - If you read this Chuck Norris wll have to give youa shin kick!
Pandora v by felixir Update - The most download hot gal for Fallout 3 visit

Nuclear Winter
Lady Deathlock ASG Update by LadyDeadlock

ACE: Amplified Crippled Effects v1.2b by Mechanical Pirate - cripple is more effective
Counsole Codes by Yam Nad - List of console codes
DK Bullet Time v1.0.3 by Dunderklumpen - Slow down the entire world with this Matrix/MaxPayne/Wanted like effect
Divable Motorcycle by veliv - yeah you drive ina motorcycle
Fallout 3 Balance Overhaul
Owned v2.6 by RegentEagle - Kill a persona dn get their gear and ome
Perk Trainer by SylvanTiw - Some basic perks like pay after MQ, faster run and walk, and buy perks
Repair Rethought
SP Destruction: A Destroyable Environments Mod v4.2 by SP - THe world actually includes physics
Workbench and Crafting Expansion by Jake Zahn - Custom back recipes
Level Cap Update
Level work around update
Max Level workaround update

Color Hi detail maps by MAXHARDMAN - See all the details in Maps
Fallout 3 color Maps v1.2 by Genovauk-
Printable Quest Map update
Vanilla Classic Pipboy Icons
GTS- Global Travel System - The Global Travel System, or GTS, is a MODDER'S RESOURCE which provides an entire globe of

worldspaces, outside of the areas under Bethesda control. This is useful for the modder who is unhappy finding that Bethesda

has broken their mod with an update. These new worldspaces are completely the property of the modding community. Whatever you

choose to put in them will remain safe. Not a map but required for Building and Lands

16 pinup girls
Mannequins v3.3 by AndyW1384 - bunch of mannequins to put armor and clothing orabuse.
Usable Cigarettes v0.2 by GodofAlcohol - Puff puff puff!

Mart Mutant Mods beta 4 - new monster and adds some diversity to Fallout 3
Martigen Monster Increase Spawn by Martigen - Get large monster spawns replaced by the file above.

Killable Children V1.2 - By Neclipse - Maybe some demented gamers will like this but FilePlanet doesn't condone kid killing
Raiders Redone v1.0 by AgentHaito - Modular mod that changes the appearance of the raiders, difficulty and weapons
Tcho's Bittercup v1.2 by Tchos - For the Goth fans and EMO gamers that want to make Fallout 3 darker
The Eagle v1.0 strikes by Bloodhonor - Talon Company mercs and Chinese takien the wasteland with a full aresenal of weapons.

Classic Weapons Description by Zenball- Using Classic Fallout Weapons, get the pipboy Item Descriptions for MTUI
Fo3 Item descriptions v1.15 by Mikael Grizzly - Fallout 3 is missing many item descriptions no longer!
Magic Pip Light v0.4 by MaXiMiUS - Change the brightness of the pipboy300 light

CW Triliogy Labs by CrowBennett08 - a series of Quests that puts you in hot pursuit of some of the wasteland finest weapons
Darkness by Rackhim - Deep down under the surface of the wasteland is an underworld with a truth.
MERC by Sin - Operation Anchorage Quest to save Blain and recruit a mercenary team.
Treasure Maps: Path of Gun Slinger v2.71 by Elanthil01 - Based ona Stephen King novel The Dark Tower series
Quest for G36 MSG90 MP7A1 by Chambermade - Get new guns and armor quest
The Refuge by anarion9 - A dangerous clan of raiders known as the Bloody Reavers is expanding west into the DC wasteland
Vault 74 by MuxauJl aka WolfGUNg - Quests at Vault 74 tht is pretty challenging
Wasteland Boss D6 update by Deliverance 6 - More awesome basses to beat
Wreality Haven v0.95b by Aleph Prime - A side quest work in progress

Improved Sounds FX 1.2 by dDefinder - Improves various sounds
I-PIP player by Rekicker -Turns the pibboy300 into MP3 music playing station
Realistic Gunshots v2.0 update by Honnou - Makes some sounds louder and clearer

Megaton City v1.0 by NeilMc_NMC - Hi-Res retexture of Megaton using special NMC textures
Rivet City v1.0 by NeilMc_NMC - Hi-Res retexture of Rivet City using special NMC txture
Terrain Pack Update by NeilMc_NMC- Hi-Res retexture that applies to all of FAllout 3
Enhanced Blood Update by dDefinder - Better bllod splatter that doesn't look like jello pudding.
Mimezu's Texture update - Some hi rex texture

Accurate Sniper Rifles v1.1by Phobos 2077 - Is a description need?
Alex Scorpions Sniper Gear v1.1 by Alex Scorpion -Awesome sniper collection of 4 guns like bmg 50 cal, silencer, and smg
Asharas Lighting Sword v2.1by SydneyB - Another Final Fantasy weapon, I can't enough of FF
Classic Fallout Weapons Beta by War1982 - Read the title then try it out. Nuff said!
Real FragGrenade Physics v2.0 by taylorsd - Improved Grenade physics with less bounce.
Frederyck Tactical Weapons v3.0 gRs Frederyck - A crap load of hi res assualt rifles that can use silencers and scops
Vahalla Rifle v1.4 by VeliV - Time for the old green AWP
Vats MCE v.03 by MacNokker - Accuracy is reformulated based on weapon and skill level .
SVD_Dragunov v1.2 by zealotlee - Classic auto sniper gun
Wattz LAser Weapon v1.1 by joefoxx - Nice loking and usable laser gun.
Weapons Mod Kit v1.1.4 by Antistar - Modify your weapons but go to the readme for info.
Enclave Commander v0.8a update by J3x - Command a tactical squad companion with a dropship
Ultra Fatman Update by doc_colossusSponge - Super nuke mod that layeth the smacketh down.
Lightsaber v0.9 update by Morraelin - Here is a Jedi Lightsaber for those who are strong with the force.

ArchiveInvalidation v1.06 by Quarn - Required easy to use program, to activate/deactivate ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated!
FOMM: Fallout Mod Manager v0.911 update by TimeSlip - Fallout 3 Mod Maanger is pratically required to install mods
FOSM update - Don't rely on autosave and start using the Fallout 3 save amanger
FOSE: Fallout Script Extender - expands the scripting capabilities of Fallout 3.
FOMS: Fallout Mod Sorter by broken85 - Automatically sort your Fallout 3 mod load order based on an definition
Fo3 Archive utility update v1.0 by ScripterRon - BSA archive utility for Fallout 3
Littleboy v1.1.2 by Quarn - This will hekllp combine all utilties to track mods. Highly Suggested
unofficial Fallout 3 patch by Quarn - Fix some of the bugs Bethesda isn't catching and repairing.

Changelog v2.0

All Perks Unlock by malkion - Unlock all available perks and combine with other mods to create unique characters
Sellable Body Parts by ColSquirell - Sell Body Parts for Profit

Magsniper by SpeedyB64 - A custom made unique sniper using special ammo
Tsurugi by LordNapalm - Famous sword from Final Fantasy
Unique Weapons by Refsil - Some unique energy weapons that are very powerful and deadly

Megaton City Extended v2.61 by KrazyKommy - Super swanky and sweet looking extension of the megaton house with extra floor

and items
Dtoms Rivet City Apartment by dtoms- A River City apartment with ammo racks, livingroom, and bedroom.
Canterbury Hideout by Kitteh - Swanky hangout that is brightly lit and refresh looks in Canterbury Commons.
Fallout Shelter by LochAlpha - Museum of American History VIP shelter
Vault 89 by SundaySorrow - Adds Vault 89 to the game, which will serve as the player's house with custom location

Clothing and Outfits
Black Latex Armor by tavtav - A sexy black skin tight leather latex outfit for females
Josef Grey Night Recon by Joseph Grey - Sleek tactical black recon uniform designed for night recon missions for females
Ed Hardy Clothing by Kasyvor - Fashionable and classy Ed hardy collection of 3 outfits for female characters.
Classic Black Leather Outfit by tavtav - Classic black motorcycle leather outfit reskin for MadMAx fans

Female Enhancements
Brurpo Alluring Babe Enhancement -BABE- by Brurpo - Customize the female character's body with a sexy torso and chest.
Josef Grey Makeup by Josef Grey - Add some makeup to female characters for an even game
FemTex by thecaptainhere - A femae face texture that gives them a smooth and clear complexion
Hair mod by YoshikinaKota - This unlocks hair

Printable Quest Map v1.0 by dbaily56 - Print this map for all quest locations

Atmosphere Sun Glare by Lady Deathlock - Have beautiful HDR sunsets and sunrays fill the screen.
Enhanced Night Sky - Have the night sky filled with more stars and celestial things.
Krzymars Hi Res Moon by Krzymar - Match that beautiful starry night with a more detailed moon
Mimezu Textures by Mimezu - One of the first texture pack for Fallout 3 improves the apperances of wood grain, and certain

Terrain Pack by NeilMc_NMC - The best terrain pack of them all with 3 packages for 3 different levels of graphics.

Fist Full of Caps by Kevin - Complete dangerous task and find treasure maps that lead to great treasure and rewards
Ghoul Massacre by Phitt - This standalone quest requires surviving waves of ghoul rushes
Seducing fEmale by Werewolf200 - This mod is for adult males than want to get the womanizing skills a try.
D6 Wasteland Boss by Deliverance 6 - This awesome quest adds 8 new bosses that are deadly but offer great rewards
Wreality Haven by Aleph - This awesome level has custom quests on a custom level with new models, NPCs, and items.

Mod Utilities
Fallout 3 Mod Installer by Quarn - Install and unistall mods with this tool makes it a breeze
Fallout 3 Save Game by digitalfun - Manage Save games
ArchiveInvalidation by Quarn- This little program will allow you to totally eliminate the need of ArchiveInvalidation.txt
F3 ARvInv by JustSwen- This small utility generates archive invalidation file for Fallout 3. Simply run and press button.
fO3 Archive by ScripterRon- FO3Archive displays the files in an archive, extracts files from the archive, or creates a new

FO3 Edit by ElminsterAU - Edit specific values and information
FoMM by By Timeslip - Manange and update mods with this one click tool
GEckModTool by who else? - The official mod tool for Fallout 3 by Bethesda
nifSkope - Tool use to modify stuff.

Changelog v1.5

Added Freeplaymod v.04 - Allows playing game after Main Quest completion
Added Slower Item Degradation - Decreases the rate the items get worn. Reduce the frequency of item repair
Added Mega Weight Mod - Sets weight limit to 50000

Updated Revelations UI mod to v0.53
Added MTUI UI v1.1 - Change Pipboy UI dramatically by adding more vertical lines or reducing font size in all menus.

Added Flash Interactive Map v1.6 - Shows location of different items, people, and special items.

Added PDF Raster and Vector Maps v2.0 - A printable map of Fallout 3 world

Added Realistic Gunshot mod v1.3 - Improves gunshot sounds of many weapons in Fallout 3
Added Hi-Res Weapons Textures v3.1 - Gives better textures
Added Gatling Plasma gun - Uber power weapon strictly for pwnage.

Changelog v1.0

Heavenand Hell Power Armor
Hello Kity Power Armor
Helmet Lens Tint
Outcast Camo Power armor
Pink Power Armor
Power Armor Mod
Punisher Power Armor
T51B Bos Armor
Wastehog Power Armor

Chuck Norris
Custom Race Mod - Allows customizing certain character options to play with eyepatch or as a ghoul
EyeAddons - Pick from a variety of eye colors and types to add to a character
Sexy Pandora
Wasteland Queen

Mods and Boosts

Accurate Assault Rifles
Better Power Armor Mod -Changes various stats of the power armor
Eric Damage Tweaks
Might Mouse Perk - Pick one of the available files that increase the weight limit.
Reduced Karma for Stealing - Steal more without the Karma hit
Speed mod - Improved walk speed but same run speed
Weapon Damage and Accuracy Mod
Xp Increaser
X Cross Weapons Repair
- Repair weapons with similiar weapon types

BetterPace mod
Cross Repair Armor
Slow Leveling mod
Balance Overhaul mod
Increased Water Radiation
Less Skill Poin
Level Cap 30-40
Radiation Redux
Rathoria Weaponary Overhaul
Skill Level Up Work Around
Turn Based Simulator

Enhanced Blood TExture
Gore Tweaks
No Radio Static
Radio Music Replacer

Monster Skins
Fearl Ghoul
Ghoul Textures
Female Ghoul Textures
Sinister Deathclaw
SuperMutant Rextures
SupMut Red textures

Fallout 3 Classic music
Good Bad Ugly Music
Overcoats Fallout 3

Pipboy 3000
Black English Pipboy skin
Echo Pipboy
Radioative Pipboy
Nuka Cola Quantum
Pipboy 3000 black
Pipware UI
Revelation UI mod v0.47
Ammo Sorter UI mod

ACU Retex Descert Storm
Black shirt and Jeams Male
Camo Recon Armor
Conflict Hockey Mask
Darker Colonel Trench coat
Green Metal Camo
Grimoas Armored Red Robe
Iron Maiden Jacket
Pirate Costume
Ranger Urban Camo Recon Armor
Urban camo Recon Armor
Wasteland Wander

Aluminium Bat
Dark 10mm Sub Machine Gun
Deagle skin
Ebony ripper
Laser Pistol
G3 Assault
Ivory Rapier
Newer Laser Pistol

This is a collection of Fallout 3 mods gathered by FilePlanet created by various authors and modders. FilePlanet does not

take any credit for these awesome mods or files. Due credit is given to all authors as best as possible. If you are an author

and like to update a file in this package, want credit as contributing author, or have an issue with file visit our forums or

email me at [email protected] PM me at Fallout3nexus at cpham. Subscribers can give feedback at FilePlanet Subscribers

at Feedback is appreaciated.

If you do use these mods and files please understand the risk involved. Use all available resources and check all knowledge

bases to understand how to properly install, modify, and uninstall these mods. Using various combination of these files can

cause random and unknown errors or even wipe a save game. These are all un-official mods for Fallout 3 and FilePlanet does

not take resposibility for any errors or possibe problems that may occur during use of these files. If this occurs please

contact the author of the mod and provide them with feedback to help fix the bug. These mods are meant to make your time

playing Fallout 3 more enjoyable and we hope it stays that way.

FilePlanet will continue to release future versions of our Fallout 3 mod packs in separate packs. Fallout Mod Pack v3.0 will

be the final version that will get some small additions and continue to be updated when mods are updated. We appreciate the

support of the Fallout 3 community and fans so please come back wen we have future packs available.

- [FP]Ricecrispi

Contributors & Thanks
FilePlanet would like to thank all the authors of the mods and files in here. Without your hardwork this package wouldn't be

available and the Wasteland would be more dull.

support the Fallout 3 community and the modding community. This section specific to uber Fallout 3 modders that deserve the

extra decoration for their great work and dedication.

Josef Grey
Planet-Fallout for awesome recommendations.

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