Dragon Age: Origins - Gifts of Andraste Armor

File Info: Dragon Age: Origins - Gifts of Andraste Armor

Dragon Age: Origins - Gifts of Andraste Armor
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Description: Dragon Age: Origins - Gifts of Andraste Armor

A set of mage gear, powerful but not game-breaking. The set is made with healers in mind.

Here are the new stats on the equipment. None of the equipment has stat restrictions, however you MUST be a mage to equip them:

Andraste's Song - Staff (Tier 7)
+3 All Attributes
Cleansing Aura
+50% Healing

Andraste's Embrace - Robe
30 Armor
10 Phys Resist
Reduce Hostility
Weakens Nearby Darkspawn

Andraste's Touch - Gloves
All Elemental Dmg +10%

Andraste's Dance - Feet
15 Defense
5 Combat Mana Regen
4% Spell Resist
10% Dodge

Andraste's Halo - Helm
Elemental Resistances +10%

Andraste's Chastity - Belt
25 Combat Mana Regen
10% Spell Resist
5% Mental Resist
Decrease Hostility

Andraste's Charity - Amulet
20 Willpower
Reduce Hostility
100 Exploration Mana Regen
Increase Monetary Gain

Andraste's Promise - Ring
10 Combat/Mana Regen
5 Spellpower
Reduce Hostility

Notice: This and the other armor set are no longer being updated or worked on. If something is not to your liking, the builder-to-builder is there for your amusement. Work on it yourself until it makes you happy.

WARNING: There are still some situations where these items may duplicate themselves on load. This doesn't happen for all people, especially me, so I'm having a hard time testing it to find out why this happens (I can't get them to duplicate no matter what I do). Use these and all mods at your own risk until I figure a way around this.

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