Dragon Age: Origins - Campsite Storage Bin

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Dragon Age: Origins - Campsite Storage Bin
Craig Graff
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Dragon Age
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Description: Dragon Age: Origins - Campsite Storage Bin

Spawns a storage chest at the party campsite. Only works in the main camp, some versions where combat or cutscenes taking place near a camp will not have a storage chest working properly. If you don't see the chest, leave the campsite and come back again.

NOTE: Be careful to follow the instructions as noted (especially step 4), otherwise you may get an .xml error message instead of a storage chest mod.

To install the files:

1. Ensure that Dragon Age is not running.
2. Download the .dazip file to your desktop (or wherever you like).
3. Open the “daupdater” program in your \Dragon Age\bin_ship directory (usually C:\Programs\Dragon Age\bin_ship).
4. Drag-and-drop the file to be installed into the updater window; it should appear in the updater window in the “Content Name” column.
5. Select the content in the updater window by left-clicking on it, then clicking the “Install Selected” button at the bottom of the updater window.
6. Once the “Status” column for the content reads “Installed” close the updater.
7. The content should now be available in-game.

To see the source files in the toolset, load the tal_storage_chest.dadbdata with the Tools/Builder/Load Builder To Builder option.

A note to those requesting additional features: while I am always available for advice and even sample code (like many other BioWare developers), this project is meant to be a jumping off point for community modders, not an ongoing development. My hope is that others will take the basics of what is included in this package and run with it.

This project won't be updated any further except to remove any packaging or installation issues.

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