FIFA Manager 10 Patch v2.0.0.6.

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File Info: FIFA Manager 10 Patch v2.0.0.6.

FIFA Manager 10 Patch v2.0.0.6.
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Worldwide Soccer Manager 2010
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Description: FIFA Manager 10 Patch v2.0.0.6.

Here's the the forth update for EA SPORTS FIFA Manager 10, the EU football (soccer) team manager sim. This patch updates the player database, images, and some small bug fixes.

FIFA Manager 10 gives players the chance to see who really is the best football team manager. The game has many all-new features including an online mode where players can play against one another over the internet.

As a special tidbit we can present new English Premier League player pictures, all being up-to-date and in top notch quality. Altogether, the update contains more than 800 new photos.

Furthermore, many small extras are waiting to be discovered, ranging from new desk objects, new desk backgrounds to a new option which allows you to double click on a widget name and thereby directly enter the respective screen.

Additionally, some bugs were fixed, among others the crash due to long Found-a-Club mode names as well as a further 3D crash, the trophy loss during (very seldom) server problems could also be fixed.

Update 4 includes the following improvements:
- Full database update including updated generic badges
- 56 new XXL player pictures
- 227 new standard player pictures
- 142 other new pictures
- Live Ticker update with some bug fixes

- You must install Update 3 in any case before you install Update 4
- You can continue your save games after the installation
- With the exception of the database update all other changes work with old save games as well
- Update 4 will overwrite your current database, therefore please save your current database before the installation

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