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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rexture Mod
Also known as:
GTA: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto III: San Andreas, GTA San Andreas, San Andreas
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Description: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rexture Mod

SRT3 is a very big mod for SA, It retextures everything you can see, and play with, the landscape, the dynamics objects, the trees, the grass, the cities! Every City Is Retextured in the final version

1.What's SRt ?
It means Sanandreas Re-Textured. It is at least the initial name of the project which the goal is to re-texture any piece/object of Sanandreas with textures of much higher quality.
2. Since when this MOD exist?
Since August 2005, i.e. nearly 2 year.
3. Why release the MOD into parts?
Because I'm alone on the project, and to put end to end parts of the MOD, which is released with the wire of time, is a pledge of quality for the Mod, as well as stability.

Technical Details:

- Release Date (RELEASED) : On September the 1st, 2006. (09/01/06)
- estimated Size of the MOD: between 400-600 Mo.
- Retextured Surfaces: Whole Sanandreas .
- Management of LODs: For all great spaces of County, Desert.
- Textures Size: 1024*1024 (14%) | 512*512 (84%) | 256*256 (2%).
- Management of Streaming: Hardcoded adresses still not found.
- Glitches to be envisaged: Disappearance of the landscape on a small scale on the least powerful machines. And glitches due to the change of sounds.

List of Special Features:

- *OGM_2Pac*'s developing peds Packs for SRt3 (Exclusive)

List of Features Which will comes out in the Mod:

This list represents the goodies in the mod, included other mods, and innovations brought to this version since the last version.
- Normal New Grass Retextured (NNGT, dynamic grasses of the game, by me).
- Deserted New Grass Retextured (NDGT, dynamic and static grasses of the desert, by me).
- Pack of weapons Very Hi-Res (Replaces all the weapons, by me).
- Pack de Sons SRs (Sanandeas Re-Sonorized, weapons, impacts, environemental sounds, various effects, musics, menus (By me still: P)).
- New Vegetation Trees (Pack containing my textures of vegetation, new model 3D of trees, palm trees).
- New HUD.
- Detailled Radar MOD (By Ian Albert & BaygoN).
- All vehicles of circulation Remade (that's texturing, not 3D models).
- New Menus
- MTA: Rv' S Generics Objects (Barrels, baskets, cases, boxes, etc Textures Hi-Res(By me)).
- Difficulty of the weapons increased, like their power. (For more realism, by me).
- Complete Retexturing of County de San Fierro.
- Complete Retexturing of County de Los Santos.
- Complete Retexturing of County de San Fierro (Northern).
- Complete Retexturing of the Desert of Las Venturas.
- Retexturing of San Fierro (SFSE, SFS, SFSO, SFO).
- Retexturing of Los Santos (LAe, LAn, LAs).
- Retexturing of Las Venturas (VGSE, VGS, VGN).

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