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Darkest of Days Patch v1.05

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File Info: Darkest of Days Patch v1.05

Darkest of Days Patch v1.05
Paradox Interactive
Also known as:
Darkest Days
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Description: Darkest of Days Patch v1.05

The Darkest of Days Instant Action patch (v 1.05) unlocks the ability to travel back to your favorite missions after completing the story campaign. Wield weapons from any era and experience different gameplay styles by trying out various weapon upgrade modes.

You think you're man enough to bring a musket to WWII?

Version 1.05

New Features:
* New gameplay mode: Instant Action is now available to players who have completed the story campaign.

* Localization fixes for international release

Version 1.04

New Features:
* Added support for more mouse buttons (mouse 4 and 5)
* Added support for num pad bindings
* Added mouse smoothing option
* New PhysX system software

* Fixed crash in "Rebel Yell" mission
* Fixed ATI driver crash in Pompeii part 1
* Fixed "save while dead" bug from zeppelin mission
* OpenAL fix for systems that don't support the EFX extension
* Mouse cursor should now be hidden properly on all systems
* Fixed bug where starting a new game immediately after finishing an old one resulted in all missions staying complete
* Alt+F4 combo removed
* Fixed benchmark/load screen interaction issues
* Weapon code cleanups in DNGr and FMG
* OpenAutomate benchmark listings fixed

Version 1.03

* Initial Release

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