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Call of Duty: World at War - Rcon Max
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CoD: World at War, Call of Duty 5
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Description: Call of Duty: World at War - Rcon Max

he RconMax application assists users in the creation and administration of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (COD4) and World at War (COD5) game servers. RconMax protects the user from complicated server control instructions (rcon commands).
Using a fully functional graphical user interface users can create from scratch all the necessary files required to configure and run a COD4 / COD5 server. Once the server is running RconMax allows users to maintain and update all aspects of the server remotely with intuitive, user friendly screens.
RconMax enables you to configure your server exactly as you want off-line, allowing the user to experiment with the server settings in a safe environment. Using a standard FTP program users can then copy the server files to their COD4 / COD5 game server.

RconMax makes the creation and administration of your COD4 / COD5 games server easy and whilst you are using RconMax you can send in-game commands to the server. So not only is it easy to administer your COD

RconMax(WW) for Call Of Duty World at War

This release includes:
MESSAGES - Help screen added.
MESSAGES - Function to check the length of messages.
REMOTE ADMIN - Short commands.
MAPS - Makin Day added to map list.
LCM - Option to remove (punctuation) characters when checking chat.
SYSTEM - The pop up message indicating a new version is available has been removed. Instead the Settings Tab will be displayed.
PLAYER TAB - Changed the icons to make it easier to distinguish between kick / temp ban / ban.
LCM - Error 44 being caused by odd data rows from PBUCON Console.
Download the ZIP file.
Extract the MSI installer to your desktop.
Run the MSI installer.

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