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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - SVR Mod v3.13

File Info: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - SVR Mod v3.13

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - SVR Mod v3.13
SVR team
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Description: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - SVR Mod v3.13

SVR 3.x mods allow you to switch from Stock/Ranked server, to ModWarfare with just one dvar.

A full list of available options can be found below.


Game: Call of Duty 4
Mod: SVR 3.x
Date: June 8, 2009
Author: Number 7



SVR 3.x mods allow you to switch from Stock/Ranked server, to ModWarfare with just one dvar.

A full list of available options can be found below.



If you enjoy this mod and would like to offer a few dollars in appreciation, send PayPal to:
[email protected]



1) Create a new folder called: svr inside of your CallofDuty/Mods folder.

2) Extract the contents of this .zip to your CallofDuty/Mods/svr folder.

3) Edit your startup shortcut (or batch file) to include the +fs_game command:

iw3mp.exe +set fs_game mods/svr +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

4) If you have a webspace redirection site for your server files:

a) create a mods/svr folder on that site.
b) upload the following files into the mods/svr folder:


5) Check the addons folder for additional enhancements.



v 3.14

- Fixed: specialty perks were being skipped in playerDamage code
- Fixed battlechatter runtime errors ..thanks Qaddafi Duck
- Fixed headshot sound for the victim ..thanks Vengeance
- Added option to change player angles when shot. (svr_tactical.cfg)
- Added option to disable auto-melee. (svr_tactical.cfg) ..thanks sonixsquad
- Added bleeding mod. (svr_health.cfg) ..thanks kapitanreis
- Added a pistol-mode dvar for ammo supply. ..thanks Flatliner
- Added new in-game perk menu for ranked server. (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Added "svr_power_rank_info" dvar to the svr_ranks.cfg
- Added new dvars for "body" & "weapon" damage modifiers. (svr_tactical.cfg)
- Change the "svr_dropatdeath" functionality (svr_tactical.cfg)
- Changed: "svr_headshot_sound" can be played for attacker & victim. (svr.cfg)
- Changed a "battlechatter" dvar. (svr.cfg)
- Changed a few admin dvars. (svr_admin.cfg)
- Client "voiceovers" & "language" settings are now saved in mpdata.
- Remove the ForceClass option (no longer needed)
- Updated damage-modifier options & code
- Updated the WeaponMode code.

Config files that have changed since v3.13
- svr.cfg
- svr_admin.cfg
- svr_gametypes.cfg
- svr_loadouts.cfg
- svr_ranks.cfg

v 3.13 (13th update)

- Added new Server Info menu with "Join Alternate Server" options
- Added "svr_weaponmode_class" dvar (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Added "svr_allowclass_default" dvar (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Added grenade cookbar. (svr_tactical.cfg) ..thanks Vengeance
- Added "svr_headshot_sound" dvar. (svr.cfg) ..thanks Flatliner
- Added "svr_firstblood_sound" dvar. (svr.cfg)
- Added "svr_distancetype" dvar. (svr.cfg)
- Added "svr_adminlog" dvar. (svr_admin.cfg)
- Added Dutch translations. (svr.cfg) ..thanks No-body
- Added new "svr_power_rank_info" dvar. (svr.cfg)
- Added new "svr_customclass" dvar. (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Added French translations. ..thanks Le little
- Changed the Addons folder contents.
- Changed "svr_customclass" dvar to "svr_allowclass" (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Changed the print.gsc file. (all addon-languages have been updated)
- Changed some Scoring Dvars options (svr.gametypes.cfg)

Config files that have changed since last release:
- svr.cfg
- svr_admin.cfg
- svr_gametypes.cfg
- svr_loadouts.cfg
- svr_msgcenter.cfg
- svr_tactical.cfg

NOTE: other configs have had description/informational changes also.

v 3.12 (12th update)

- Added QuickMessage option to show your GUID
- Added KillSpree sounds (svr_stats.cfg) ..thanks Vengeance
- Added option to show kill distance in meters & yards. ..thanks Pistonsfan
- Added option to remove minefields from the map.
- Fixed ShowWaypoints option in hardcore mode. ..thanks Vantro
- Fixed "show score blips" option. ..thanks Flatliner
- Changed various code regarding the WeaponMode/ForceClass options.
- Changed ForceCrouch code to allow climbing. ..thanks Riris
- Changed svr_admincommands dvar to svr_adminrcon (svr_admin.cfg)
- Possibly a few other things that i cannot recall right now..

Config files that have changed since last release:
- svr.cfg
- svr_admin.cfg
- svr_gametypes.cfg
- svr_loadouts.cfg
- svr_stats.cfg

v 3.11 (11th update)

- Added new svrmod\admin.gsc
- Added new hud stats module: Assists (svr_stats.cfg)
- Changed the svr_ingameperks functionality (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Fixed runtime error regarding ambient aircraft ..thanks Riris

Config files that have changed since last release:
- svr_admin.cfg
- svr_loadouts.cfg
- svr_stats.cfg

v 3.10 (10th update)

- Added option for in-game perk selection on ranked servers. (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Fixed an Admin Menu issue, and a CTF runtime error. ...thanks Gaashak
- Fixed a runtime error regarding variable timers for SAB/SD. ...thanks Gaashak
- Fixed(?) the "add to favorites" option. ...thanks Riris

Config files that have changed since last release:
- svr_admin.cfg
- svr_gametypes.cfg (changed the variable plant/defuse/timer dvars)
- svr_loadouts.cfg

v 3.09 (9th update)

- Added option to disable client console globally (svr.cfg)
- Added option to disable client console during VoteDelay only (svr_voting.cfg)
- Added option to show clan member badge on scoreboard (svr.cfg)
- Added option to show damage feedback hud (svr_tactical.cfg) ...thanks Vengeance
- Added "arm-hit/leg-hit" realism options (svr_tactical.cfg) ...thanks Gaashak
- Changed the svr_droponshock & svr_fallonshock dvar setup (svr_tactical.cfg)
- Changed the admin "drug" taunt (no longer kills player when finished)
- Moved the spectator dvars from the svr_tactical.cfg to the svr.cfg
- Fixed endmap-stats hud elements for WS monitors. ...thanks Vengeance
- Enhanced the endmap-stats a little more..

Config files that have changed since last release:
- svr.cfg
- svr_admin.cfg
- svr_tactical.cfg
- svr_voting.cfg

v 3.08 (8th update)

- Added new setup & display options for hud-stats/endmap-stats. (svr_stats.cfg)
- Added Call Medic option on team-based games. (svr_health.cfg) ...thanks Riris
- Added new options to the admin menu (more to come) ...thanks Vengeance
- Added option to play game in black&white (svr.cfg) ...thanks Vengeance
- Added Ambient Planes again, which used to be in the 3.01 mod (svr.cfg)
- Changed: perks & weapon dvars are now dvardef compatible. (svr_loadouts.cfg)
- Changed: spectators can see hud stats of player being spec'd. ...thanks Vengeance
- Updated code for modwarfare & forceclass option.

Config files that have changed since last release:
- svr.cfg
- svr_hardpoints.cfg (added svr_hardpointdelay dvar)
- svr_health.cfg
- svr_loadouts.cfg
- svr_stats.cfg
- svr_tactical.cfg (fixed a typo at bottom of Damage Mod section)

v 3.07 (7th update)

- Added option to play game in black&white. (check the svr.cfg) ..thanks Vengeance
- Added German/Polish options to the Hudstats (endmap stats are coming next)
- Fixed the Modwarfare default loadouts & attachments. ..thanks Gaashak
- Changed: spawn protection ends when stepping into minedfield. ..thanks Riris
- Changed: ammo overrides for Modwarfare only (for now) ..thanks Horrid

Config files that have changed since last release:
- svr.cfg (just the Exec Mod Configs section)
- svr_loadouts.cfg

v 3.06 (6th update)

- Added tdm spawnpoint option. (check svr_gametypes.cfg) ..thanks Riris
- Added Polish language translations provided by Gaashak
- Fixed a minimap "no-show" issue. ..thanks Horrid
- Fixed a nades/specials loadout issue. ..thanks Horrid
- Fixed the Team Status Hud "connecting players" display
- Fixed (hopefully) class limit issues on Modwarfare. ..thanks gaashak
- Combined the classes/perks/weapons configs into: svr_loadouts.cfg
- Moved the weapon-damage mod to the svr_tactical.cfg
- Removed the DMF & HTF sections from the print.gsc (no longer needed)
- Changed: svr_forceclass is no longer available on Modwarfare mode.
- You can force a class by setting class-limit dvars to "0"

- If upgrading from a previous version, remove the following config files:
- configs/svr_classes.cfg
- configs/svr_perks.cfg
- configs/svr_weapons.cfg

Config files that have changed since last release:
- server.cfg (new Exec SVR Config section)
- configs/svr.cfg
- configs/svr_gametypes.cfg
- configs/svr_tactical.cfg

v 3.05 (5th update)

- Added a new dvar to the turret options. (check the svr_weapons.cfg)
- Added a few more sniper options. (check the svr_sniper.cfg)
- Added a Save Class section & dvar to the svr_classes.cfg
- Added a logprint showing which player has called a vote.
- Added mod to drop healthpacks at death. ..thanks gaashak
- Added new svr_health.cfg (moved all health related dvars to this new config)
- Fixed a runtime error with menu selection on Modwarfare. ..thanks Riris
- Fixed the saveclass/restoreclass option. ..thanks Riris
- Fixed Cargoship / Farm rain sound when svr_rain_fx is disabled. ..thanks Horrid
- Changed: turret-monitor is disabled on Carentan. ..thanks Horrid
- Changed some code to better enhance the dual-language option.
- Cleaned up the svr_gametypes.cfg, added a Scoring section, changed some dvars.

Config files that have changed since last release:
- server.cfg
- configs/svr.cfg
- configs/svr_classes.cfg
- configs/svr_gametypes.cfg
- configs/svr_sniper.cfg
- configs/svr_tactical.cfg
- configs/svr_weapons.cfg

v 3.04 (4th update)

- Added FirstAid mod to heal teammates. (check the svr.cfg)
- Added option to disable some/all battlechatter (check the svr.cfg)
- Changed some of the ForceCrouch dvars (check the svr_tactical.cfg)
- Fixed a teamkill variable that was causing a runtime error
- Various other code updates

Config files that have changed since last release:
- configs/svr.cfg
- configs/svr_gametypes.cfg
- configs/svr_tactical.cfg

v 3.03 (3rd update)

- Added ModwarfareRanks again. (check the new svr_ranks.cfg)
- Moved the PowerRank dvars from svr.cfg to svr_ranks.cfg
- Fixed the Admin-Rules limit. ..thanks Riris
- Fixed the Longest-Kill / Longest-Headshot issue. ..thanks Riris
- Fixed another issue with weapon selection menu. ..thank again Riris
- Fixed a health-system dvar (check the svr_tactical.cfg)
- Fixed/Changed the MatchDelay/ReadyUp options (check the svr.cfg)

Config files that have changed since last release:
- server.cfg
- configs/svr.cfg
- configs/svr_tactical.cfg

v 3.02 (2nd update)

- Added keybind options to the Controls/MultiplayerControls menu
- Added more force-crouch options (check the svr_tactical.cfg) ..thanks Riris
- Added a couple more HudStats options. ..thanks Riris
- Added a couple more options to the ZoomScope mod. ..thanks Riris
- Added option to change the screen position of player chat (check the svr.cfg)
- Added some extra setup info in the config files to help describe a few options.
- Changed a few things regarding the ForceClass option (check the svr_classes.cfg)
- Changed the ClientMenu options (they are now on the main QuickMenu)
- Fixed a code issue that prevented players from selecting weapons at times.
- Removed the Custom Vote mod (admins can still enable/disable everything)

- Some dvars have changed to reduce overhead. Be sure to use the new configs!

v 3.01 (1st update)

Added option to delay the grenade/specials at spawn (check the svr_weapons.cfg)
Added new "Inactivity" section to the svr.cfg
- Time (in seconds) before moving inactive players to spectator?
- Time (in seconds) before kicking spectators? (no kick for admin/clan)
Added new config file: svr_ranks.cfg
- Moved the powerrank dvars from the svr.cfg to the new svr_ranks.cfg
- Modware rank options had to be changed due to having powerrank code in mod.
Fixed a few hud element placements. ..thanks (SSB) Fiber
Fixed nightmode option. ..thanks KulWun
Changed a few German translations. ..thanks Horrid
Changed the "logo text" options (check the svr_msgcenter.cfg)

Config files that have changed since last release:
- server.cfg
- configs/svr.cfg
- configs/svr_msgcenter.cfg
- configs/svr_weapons.cfg

v 3.0 Initial release


Standard Options:

- Admin Commands:
- Taunt players with various commands
- Display rules/help to players

- Admin Menu (menu-based commands)

- Ambient aircraft
- Jet fly-bys
- Heli patrols and/or battles

- Auto-rotate map rotations

- Add-to-favorites button

- Battlechatter on/off/individually

- Bots (for server testing)

- Check player names, colors

- Clan Check:
- Free spec (in spectator mode)
- Bypass the AFK timer/kick
- Bypass the bad name check
- Bypass the vote restrictions

- Client Menu (bottom of QuickMenu)
- check stats
- check perks
- show guid
- toggle voiceovers
- toggle language
- toggle 3rd pers spectate
- toggle laserdot

- Client binds (accessed from options/controls/multiplayer options)
- Zoom in/out for snipers
- Drop weapon
- Drop object
- FPS/Lagometer

- Download manager (for maps/mods)

- FX Manager (fire, smoke, etc.)

- Hardpoints:
- Allow radar/artillery/airstrikes?
- Killstreak to obtain hardpoints
- Radar duration time
- Artillery & airstrikes count towards next streak award?
- Enable hardpoint announcements?
- Remove unused hardpoints each time a player dies?
- Delay before giving pre-earned hardpoints at spawn

- Health system:
- First Aid system
- Drop healthpacks at death
- Health regeneration
- Spawn protection
- Set player health at spawn
- Player healthbar
- Call medic when hurt?

- Inactivity:
- Time (in seconds) before moving inactive players to spectator?
- Time (in seconds) before kicking spectators? (no kick for admin/clan)

- Killspree messages and/or sounds

- Languages:
- Configurable dual-language option
- English, French, German, Polish, Dutch included

- Loadouts:
- WeaponMode: Knives/Pistols/Shotguns/Rifle-grenade
- ForceClass: Assault/Specops/HeavyGunner/Demolitions/Sniper
- Set weapons/perks on a map/gametype basis
- Save player class (on modwarfare)
- Choose perks ingame (ranked mode)

- Match/round start:
- Match delay
- Round delay
- ReadyUp (from OpenWarfare)

- Message Center:
- Welcome msg
- Gametype/map msg
- Server messages
- Server info screen
- Logo text display

- Modwarfare enable / disable
- Modwarfare Rank System

- Night-mode with laser

- Obituarys:
- Enable/disable
- Custom obits (weapon/distance)
- Headshot, knife messages

- Objectives:
- Awards for capture/destroy/completed obj
- Delay before tracking carrier (sab/dmf/htf)
- Radio respawn delay (koth)
- Allow defending player respawn? (koth)
- Show briefcase during plant/defuse?
- Randomize the plant/defuse/bombtimes?

- Ragdoll effect at death (adjustable)

- Sniper options:
- Show distance-to-target for scoped weapons?
- Enable zoom scopes for snipers?
- Allow the "hold key to steady" message while aiming-down-sights?
- Minimum distance from your target to make a kill?
- Breath-hold & breath-gasp dvars
- Make ghillies suit available on various maps

- Spectators:
- Allow spectators to freelook?
- Allow spectating from player view?
- Allow dead players to spectate enemys?

- Stats (onscreen hud-stats/end-map stats)

- Team assignments:
- Auto assign teams? If yes, players will be forced to autoassign
- Clan assign teams? Clan on one side, pub on the other
- Modified team balance (I wrote a replacement for stock method)

- Team status:
- Show number of alive/dead/connecting players

- Voting:
- Voting available to all, or clan only
- Delay before voting after map change
- Disable clientconsole during vote delay

- Misc stuff (bottom of svr.cfg file)
- 3rd Person: Enable 3rd person view while playing?
- 3rd Person Spectate: Allow players to choose it from Client Menu?
- Black screen: Enable black-screen at endmap?
- Chat hud position: Change screen position of player chat
- Client console: Allow players to access their client console?
- Color maps: Play maps in color, or black & white?
- Dogtags: Show dog tags on the scoreboard?
- Forfeit: End the game if only one team/player left?
- Intel box: Show the "intel box" while players are connecting?
- Laser dot crosshair: Give players a laser-dot crosshair?
- MaxFPS dvar: Force "maxfps"? (prevent FPS jumping hacks)
- MaxRate dvar: Force "maxrate"? (force the players max_rate)
- Minefields: Allow minefields that were placed in the map?
- Remove dead body: Time (in seconds) to remove dead body from map
- Scoreboard time: Time (in seconds) to display the scoreboard
- Teamkill kick: Kick player after "x" number of teamkills per map?

- Mods from AWE:UO
- Next mapvote (modified)
- Automatically try to fix errors in maprotation
- Use random map rotation
- Rotate map if empty server (slightly modified)
- Search bodys for weapons & health (modified)

- Mods from Bullet-Worm:
- Player-based rotation

- Mods from OpenWarfare
- Client binds (accessed from options/controls/multiplayer options)
- Healthpacks (drop healthpacks at death)
- Power Rank (modified)
- Ready-Up (modified)
- Unreal killspree sounds

- Mods from x4
- Firstaid (heal self / teammates)

- CTF gametype added from AWE4 (credits to Tally/RGN Team)
- HTF gametype added from AWE4 (credits to Tally/RGN Team)
- DMF gametype created by Number7 (credits to Bell and LaTruffe for HTF / IHTF code)


Tactical Options:

- Player Hud:
- Show minimap? (yes/no/compass-only)
- Show minimap enemys?
- Show minimap friends?
- Show minimap objectives?
- Show death icon? (floating icon after you die)
- Show grenade hint? (toss grenade back message)
- Show mantle hint? (press spacebar to jump/climb message)
- Show talking icon? (small speaker with name)
- Show waypoint icons? 1 = All, 2 = All except the "kill" icon
- Show ammobar? (weapon ammo, nades remaining, etc)
- Show scorebar? (top of screen, periodically flashes score)
- Show teambar? (bottom-left, showing team scores)
- Show xpbar? (crappy graphic along bottom of screen)
- Show crosshair? (allow players to use the crosshair)
- Show crosshair for turrets? (mounted machineguns)
- Show red crosshair? (crosshair turns red when focused on enemy)
- Show player names? (show teammate/enemy names & rank icon)
- Show clock? 1 = Game clock only, 2 = Bomb timer only, 3 = Both
- Show hit-blips? (flash/icon when making a hit on player)
- Show score-blips? (that silly +5 etc., as you score)

- Realism:
- Drop weapon on hand hit
- Drop weapon on arm hit
- Fall down on foot hit
- Fall down on leg hit
- Drop weapon on shellshock
- Fall down on shellshock
- Disable weapon when going prone
- Death/Pain sounds
- Fall damage modifier
- Jump height modifier
- Modifiy sprint time
- Enable/disable shellshock

- Weaponry:
- Remove explosives at death/spawn
- Delay before giving secondary/grenades/specials at spawn
- Drop weapon on death (current/grenades/specials)
- Claymore mines detonate on all players
- Show claymore laserbeam & icon?
- Show c4 flashing red light?

- Damage mod:
- Modify damage of specific body parts
- Modify damage from specific weapons

- Force players to crouch

- Hardcore mode:
- Show minimap? 1 = Yes, 2 = Show compass bar only
- Show waypoints? 1 = All, 2 = All except "kill" icon
- Show player names? 1 = All, 2 = Friendly Names Only
- Show talking icon?
- Show bomb timer?
- Set player health

- Killcam:
- Show killcam for knife kills only?
- Show killcam only if X meters away?

- Miscellaneous
- Enable black-screen at death?
- Enable damage feedback, showing amount of health taken from enemy?
- Enable grenade cookbar?


The following game events are printed to your server log for stats-tracking:

CTF: ctf_pickup, ctf_drop, ctf_capture, ctf_assist, ctf_defend, ctf_returns
DMF: dmf_pickup, dmf_capture
DOM: dom_capture, dom_defend
KOTH: koth_capture, koth_destroy, koth_defend
HTF: htf_pickup, htf_capture, htf_assist, htf_defend
SAB: sab_pickup, sab_drop, sab_plant, sab_defuse, sab_defend
SD: sd_pickup, sd_drop, sd_plant, sd_defuse, sd_defend

- Any player that starts a vote will log: guid / slot / name
- Scores for each team (on team-based game)
- Winners/Losers player-names (on team-based games)


Language Translations:

The z_svr.iwd includes the following files which can be used to change text/languages:

obits.gsc <-- obituary messages
print.gsc <-- dozens of other mod messages
stats.gsc <-- hudstats, endmap stats display

For best results, use Wordpad or Programmers Notepad to edit these files :)


The progressbar (capture/destroy radio) has been moved slightly higher up the screen.

The match/round timer has been moved slightly higher up the screen.

The fontsize of the center-screen "bold" messages has been reduced a bit.


Mod Hud Elements:

Summary of hud elements used per player during gameplay, if the option is enabled:

hudstats (set to 1): 1
hudstats (set to 2): 11 (if you are using every option allowed)
laser-dot: 1
spawn protection: 1 while activated
target-range: 1 while activated
zoom-scopes: 1 while activated
ctf carrier: 2 while carrying

There are other hud elements which are not created per-player, but still use resources:

server logo: 1
team status: 6 plus 2 more when players are connecting

Having all of these enabled may cause one (or more) of them to disappear briefly.


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