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Call of Duty: World at War - Zombie X Mod
Also known as:
CoD: World at War, Call of Duty 5
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Description: Call of Duty: World at War - Zombie X Mod

Zombie X completly changes the gameplay style of Nazi Zombie maps by adding special infected units, human players transforming into zombies, healing syringes for humans, mines for humans, suicide exploding zombies, and many more features.

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****** zombieX ******

Version 1.1

Features: =====================================================================

New quick chat options:
Lay mine (Hunters only)
Call for a medic (Hunters only, zombies just make groan sound)
Zombie explode (Zombies only)
Granny's Special Soda
Camo (Hunters only)

Hunters start with 3 mines (default) which can be laid down on the ground.
When a zombie comes close enough, the mine will detonate killing all zombies within a certain radius.

Hunters start with 3 of Granny's Special Soda (default) which can be used to heal yourself or other team mates.
To heal youself, make sure you are not looking at any other players and select it from the quick chat menu.
To heal other team mates, look at them and select soda from quick chat.

If the first zombie hits a hunter (not body parts or explosion) then that hunter will become infected.
An infected hunter will slowly loose health, to cure an infection you must be healed twice (default)
by either yourself or other team mates.

If you are killed by the first zombie, then you will spawn as a zombie where you died.

Once 35% (default) of the total players are zombies, body parts will become available for the zombies to throw.
Body parts can bounce off walls and other players.

Zombies also have the ability to explode, this will cause damage to nearby hunters.

If vehicles are enabled, all zombie attacks can damage vehicles.
Explode = 60 damage
Bodypart = 20 damage
Hit = 25 damage

You can bind quick chat commands with
\bind < key > openscriptmenu quickzomx < number >

Installing: ===================================================================



Vista / Windows 7:

C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\zombieX

for servers the mod will go in the usual mod folder (mods/zombieX)

set the servers fs_game to mods/zombieX and add "exec zomx.cfg" to your servers main cfg file (without the " ")
Also set gametype to zomx

If you had a previous version of zombieX and wish to keep your rank, use the same mod folder.

Credits: ============================================================

MosinAssX - Perk ideas
CHaagensli - virus-in-a-box idea
Nemaloid - Showing how many sodas hunters have idea
Breadski - Showing how many sodas hunters have idea

And numerous other people for glitch reporting :)

Stuff Added/fixed: ============================================================

[F] = Fixed
[+] = Added
[C] = Changed / improved

[07/01/2008] v0.3 BETA -> v0.4 BETA:
[F] Servers can have up to 64 players without crashing now
[C] Improved scripts
[+] Added extra ragdoll effects
[+] Added new HUD damage effects
And other things...

[07/03/2009] v0.4 BETA -> v1:
[F] Fixed placement of images on the loadscreen for widescreens
[+] If the first zombie disconnects then the zombie that has been a zombie for the longest will be chosen as the new first zombie
[+] Added more glitch kill triggers
And other small things...

[08/04/2009] v1 -> v1.01:
[F] Fixed problem with starting the mod on Linux servers
[+] Will automatically switch to zomx gametype

[04/07/2009] v1.01 -> v1.1:
[F] Fixed spectator/invincible bug
[F] Fixed script errors at the end of the game since WaW v1.4
[+] Added camo option
[+] Perks-a-cola (called Granny's Special Soda) now used instead of syrett for healing
[+] Zombies are quickly shellshocked when hit by a sniper
[+] Added viurs-in-a-box for zombies to collect at Mystery boxes (thanks to CHaagensli for that idea)
[C] Zombies move 10% faster
[C] Zombies can sprint 20% longer
[C] Sun light has been added back
[+] New hunter voice overs/taunts
[+] More glitch areas in maps have been blocked
[+] When calling for a medic, it will now display how many sodas you have left (thanks to Nemaloid and Breadski for that idea)
[+] Added admin functions
[+] Both teams that would normally be fighting againt each other on the map are now hunters (eg. Russia & Germany v Zombies)
[+] Added a delay between using artillerys
[C] Body parts area little bit more bouncy
[C] Pistols do more damage
[+] Added more glitch kill triggers
[C] More perks work for hunters (thanks to MosinAssX for ideas)
Flak jacket: Explode does 12 damage instead of 22
Second change: Healing gives an extra 10 health
Juggernaut: Slaps do 24 damage instead of 30
And other small things...


Xfire: zak4000 / kill3rzor
Email: [email protected]

All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of
the sources respective owners.

The assets of this modification are for a non-commercial and non-profit purpose.

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