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Pangya Delight: Season Four Client
Also known as:
Albatross18: Realms of Pangya [series title], Super Swing Golf Portable [series title], PangYa Portable
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Pangya is a casual golf game that takes the difficult rules of golf and transforms it into an easy to pick-up -and-play casual golf experience that a player of any skill level can enjoy. Featuring simple and intuitive controls, Pangya allows anyone to easily play with other gamers and unlike other online games; players in Pangya are friends, not enemies!

The fourth season of the popular online casual golf game, Pangya's Season 4 includes an all-new Self Design Feature where players can totally custom create a character's outfit from head to toe. Players will be able to choose from different pieces of clothing to make up an outfit and then can decorate the clothing with their own artistic flair. In addition, players will also be treated to an all-new character, a pop-star known as Lucia, who is already a hugely popular character in the Asian version of the game where Season 4 is now live. Ntreev has also added a new security feature that includes an in-game safe for players to keep all their purchased items. By putting their items in the new safe, players will not have to worry about hacking or loss of their valuable items. In addition, players can create custom items and give them as gifts to other players, and the gift will be embossed with the player's name when it is delivered.

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