Unreal Tournament 3 - CDOM-CBP3-Saip

File Info: Unreal Tournament 3 - CDOM-CBP3-Saip

Unreal Tournament 3 - CDOM-CBP3-Saip
Mario Marquardt at www.nelsonmaps.blogspot.com/
Also known as:
Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2007 [working title], UT3
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Description: Unreal Tournament 3 - CDOM-CBP3-Saip

Small, atmospheric map for the UT3 Domination mod. Set on a boat in the middle of a jungle lake during sunset. Part of the CBP3 volume 4. Enjoy :)
Visit http://www.nelsonmaps.blogspot.com/ for more information.

Make Something Unreal Submission:
- MSU Phase 4:Best Art for a Game Mod
- MSU Phase 4:Best Level for Game Mod
- MSU Phase 4:Best Graphics in Map

Map background story:

Y'know when those Liandri guys came up to me they was like 'We would like to acquire your boat for use in the Tournament as a floater-type arena'. And I was like 'Yeah, my baby be floatin', aight.' But then they was like 'Of course we will adequately compensate you for the inconvenience.' And sh*t I know what that means! So I'm like 'Please do come in gentlemen, may I offer you some refreshments?'

The .zip file contains a readme file as well as the required installation files for UT3 DOM.

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