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Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v0.966 - v0.973 Patch

Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v0.966 - v0.973 Patch
Download Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v0.966 - v0.973 Patch
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File Info: Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v0.966 - v0.973 Patch

Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v0.966 - v0.973 Patch
Project Reality Team
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Description: Battlefield 2 - Project Reality v0.966 - v0.973 Patch

With DICE recently releasing Battlefield 2 v1.5, the Project Reality Team has been hard at work ensuring compatibility with the new patch. As well as working with the new patch, PR v0.973 mainly fixes bugs.

Project Reality v0.91 Major Features

* Battlefield 2 v1.5 compatible
* Multiple bug fixes and various game play tweaks


- Compatibility with Battlefield 2 v1.5.


- Updated commander screen to show the marker reload time (60 seconds) now that the timer is hard-coded.
- Added "follow me / move out" to medikit comm rose.


- Fixed kit reservation issues.
- Updated mine markers so players can place multiple ones.
- Added informants logic that will report to Insurgent and Taliban commanders if 6 or more enemies are near a waypoint set in the map. The report takes around 60 seconds to reach the commander and it takes 5 minutes to start reporting contacts after the marker is placed. Vehicles are reported no matter the number of players in them.
- Fixed attack huey not having the critical damage system of other transport helicopters.
- Updated relative distances to be 50m, 100m and 150m (2, 4 and 6 players).


- Updated L-Shaped HESCO with wire so they don't have lightmap bugs.
- Added 2 Russian apartment building textures that were missing.


- Fixed the M249 geometry on the RHIB to be the correct version.
- Added commander UAV to conventional armies (full color) and Chechen (greyscale) command posts.
- Added seat to Insurgent/Taliban hideouts to be accessed only by commander. Added option on commander comm rose so he can build hideouts.
- Removed higher hitpoints for attack huey to be in par with the other heavy attack choppers.


- Fixed M249 ELCAN deployed/undeployed mag-linking.
- Fixed floating 40mm grenade when sprinting with the M203 equipped.
- Fixed overheating patterns on the QJC88 HMG to be in line with the other .50 cals.
- Removed tracers from all of the Insurgent/Taliban weapons.
- Reverted LAT and HAT projectile explosion radii back to v0.85 values.

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