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Fallout 3 - TERMINATOR Cybernetic Dawn
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Description: Fallout 3 - TERMINATOR Cybernetic Dawn

Like John Connor, you can have a terminator body guard protecting you in the Wasteland. These terminators companions are found in Springvale and Robco and have new weapons, armor, and adds a major battle between SkyNET and the human resistance fighters at Fairfax.

-adds 6 playble races
-adds two companions located in (Springvale) and (Robco)
-adds new weapons and armor
-adds Terminators to the wasteland
-adds resistance fighters to Megaton and Rivet City
-adds Fallout patch 1.5 compatibility
-adds A major battle between Skynet and the Resistance into Fairfax

Cybernetic Dawn BETA 1.4

I appreciate everyone's suggestions and criticisms BUT by downloadling this mod you are downloading part of a development process, as such if I was going to make this mod modular and as compatible as can be with each and every publish it would greatly increase development time. I am still learning and trying to figure out what is possible and what is not in GECK. The last 1.5 patch threw a major wrench in the compatibility wheel. To answer some questions yes I plan to make this mod modular when I reach a finished and stable state and beefing up leveled lists to balance the mod is a priority once Troop5 and I get T-800s sucessfully into the game. I am planning lower resolution versions once my textures are finalized. If I find that developing this mod causes me more stress than warm glowy feelings I will probably delete it.

1.4 BETA

-adds 6 playble races
-adds two companions located in (Springvale) and (Robco)
-adds new weapons and armor
-adds Terminators to the wasteland
-adds resistance fighters to Megaton and Rivet City
-adds Fallout patch 1.5 compatibility
-adds A major battle between Skynet and the Resistance into Fairfax
-is compatible with Yoshikinkota's and Saram's hair, if you don't have them installed they will show as blocks at char selection screen
-(optional) For cyborg players see my Cyberware addon http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5632

There are two companions included in this mod the first one Tinman is a damaged/repaired Endoskeleton found in Springvale Sewers (Look near red rocket). The second is a reprogrammed infiltrator named Redemption (Big Red) found at Robco; meant to enhance the waste land survival guide quest given by Moira.

UPDATE 05/13/09
Okay I made a 1.5 patch compatible esm version. If you want to play broken steel with a cyborg race I think you still need to download this http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6240

If the Outcasts keep fighting with the resistance It is probably a mod conflict like MMM overriding my faction list alignments.

UPDATE 05/13/09
Well I think I cured the Greeting bug if you still get stuck it might be a sharing and caring conflict. A quick work around for it if you get it is open up the console with ~ (TILDE key) and type: closeallmenus and press enter. This version has alot changed so it might conflict with previous versions, I'm getting reports that it works with saved games and other reports that its not so its kind of a roll of the dice. SKYNET has been testing the defenses of Megaton and Rivet City and Connor has been training the local populaces to resist. All traders now respawn just in case... Textures have been redone for all Infiltrators and Endos, they still have some issues like ugly seams but I'm to tired of looking at them to fix them right now. The battle of Fairfax will murder your FPS, if you plan on participating you might want to lower graphics settings.
For all you fan boys and girls I added a Summer Glau preset with custom texture and hair. Oh and thanks to Troop5/JM I've added the endo rifle (M95A1) to most endo skeletons. Expect to find terminators randomly around the world I've tried to keep them away from mainquest areas.

UPDATE 04/22/09
I know I promised to work on the Infiltrators but I realized in order to make convincing battle damage I had to finish the endos. This Update is mainly a texture update, You can also find me in Rivet City wearing some new Resistance Armor you gotta kill me or steal it to get it for now... There also might be some other surprises...

UPDATE 04/16/09
Sharing and Caring Companions no longer required for companions. The hair compatibility is included in this file, if you don't have the hairs from Saram's and Yoshikinkota's hair packs they will show up as black blocks.

UPDATE 04/12/09
Hair compatibility is up READ THE README before using please delete previous compatibility esp and do not check the esps/esms that come with the hair packs you must have Saram's and Yoshikinkota's installed correctly first. they can be found here:



UPDATE 04/12/09
I stumbled upon a race fix now quickstart is no longer required but recommended, added presets to Cyborg races.

UPDATE 04/11/09
Beta version 1.3 is out added a new encounter which is meant to enhance the wasteland survival guide quest and adds a new recruitable companion. Go to the ROBCO factory. Still no hair compatibility =/

UPDATE 04/07/09
As requested the male infiltrator race now has an exposed right hand available via patch 1.25

UPDATE 04/06/09
New art added for the races both male and female now you can choose between glowy and non glowy infiltrator eyes, just change race.

1.The male body textures were meant to work with Breeze's body, sorry I don't have plans right now to update for another body, the female textures work with BABE and DIMON's Bodies. The male endo-skeleton should work independantly.

2.This mod does not add nudity. It only adds nude textures if you have a nude body replacer.

3.It's been pointed out that race switching in the console can still cause crashes.

4.Always remember to uncheck and then recheck your archive invalidation in FOMM.

5.Mods that fiddle with races are naturally incompatible it works sometimes but not all the times.


tags: Robot terminator cyborg cyber Endo Sex machine scifi android

Big thanks to Killgore for the race fix.
Thank to Einherjrar for the M249 model and texture, Bunsaki for the black wolf backpack and Daejones for the targeter.
Special thanks to Genox for the head and Breeze for the body and Killgore for the fix.

I'm sure there are tons of bugs so this version is mainly for testing. Enjoy


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