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All Aspect Warfare Demo
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The Terrans have been at war with the Gammulan race for years. The Terran Galactic Command, launched an all out attack on the Gammulan homeworlds. Nearly defeated, their last hope is the planet destroying weapon R.A.N.D.O.M. All that is left are four heroes that have to activate the weapon and escape deep into hostile territory to escape the detonation with the entire Gammulan force standing in the way.

* Single Player
- No Story (a.k.a campaign) mode. No freeform sandbox mode.
- x03 (of six) playable careers (Mobile Infantry Marine, Elite Force Marine, Elite Force Pilot)
- x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
- x02 aerial combat Instant Action scenario (Elite Force Pilot)
- x02 first person combat Instant Action scenario (Mobile Infantry Mairne, Elite Force Marine)
* Multiplayer
- Includes the stand-alone dedicated console server
- x06 playable careers (x3 Terran, x3 Gammulan)
- x02 (of many) first person weapon profiles per career
- x02 (of five) gameplay modes (Deathmatch)
- x02 Deathmatch scenarios (16 players)

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