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Jump into the fast and agile Loopy and drop your enemies from the sky with a tactical EMP blast - but get out of the way before your Biplane support tears them to pieces with 20mm cannons blazing! Barrel roll through the enemy minefield and arm your nuke as you enter the drop zone. There it is - the enemy base - but two Mirandas just warped in with lasers hot, and an Explodet is lumbering into position over their hangar decks — will you carry your team to victory? Pilot 5 different planes customizable with 25 unlockable perks and fly them across 9 different official maps or play online with 64 players in this great indie game.

- Pilot five completely unique planes: Loopy, Bomber, Explodet, Biplane, and Miranda
- Customize your plane with 25 unlockable perks, from twin-fire missiles to remote mines, rubberized armor to reverse-thruster engines
- Complete challenges and compare stats with friends
- Navigate 9 official maps, or create and share your own with the Altitude Editor
- Play online with up to 64 players, and always find your friends with slick community features

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