Star Trek: Legacy - The v1.3 Patch (Unofficial)

File Info: Star Trek: Legacy - The v1.3 Patch (Unofficial)

Star Trek: Legacy - The v1.3 Patch (Unofficial)
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Description: Star Trek: Legacy - The v1.3 Patch (Unofficial)

This patch focus on ODF and it balance the gameplay.

List of Updates:

Phaser - Balance everything (range,weapon damage)
Photon - Balance each era have different range,speed and hit chance and increase in compliment
General system - Have been balance
Reduction points - To be more realistic
Cost - Increase or decrease
Weapons - Instead of single phaser,it is now dual phaser(for some ships)
Nodes - Unclear if this works because I play the Target system doesn't appear
CPs - Increase both command points(Camp or Skirmish) 4000 CP is now 8000 CP

It has been done before by various ODF mods, but thats not something to scoff at, the work here is pretty good and its worth checking out for those purists out there who play stock.

-Extract from (;97887)

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