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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Patch v2.501 (ENG)

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Patch v2.501 (ENG)
Download Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Patch v2.501 (ENG)
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File Info: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Patch v2.501 (ENG)

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Patch v2.501 (ENG)
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Description: Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Patch v2.501 (ENG)

This patch for Tale of Valor comes out just as the game launches. It will fix everything form bugs on maps, gameplay issue, balancing tweaks, hotkey changes, and everything need to get the game up to version 2.501 along with other Company of Hero games.

Company of Heroes v2.501


Fixed an issue where a glider shot down in mid-air would prevent the commonwealth faction from being ‘annihilated’
Fixed an issue where the game could crash if a player was alt-tabbed during the count-down and loading screens
Fixed an issue where in some cases Deploy Marksmen and Canister Shot could not be used on team weapons.
Hotkeys have been added for the Italian version
Caen campaign NISs were missing sound in the German version of COH, it has been re-added
Fixed an issue where units would rush into point-blank range when told to attack an un-setup team weapon, instead of shooting from max range
Fixed an issue where a scorched point that had repairs begun on it, but were interrupted, would not allow repairs to restart on it for an unintended duration
Fixed crash on Tiger Ace Mission 3
Improved memory usage when environmental reverb is disabled
Improved CoH’s ability to notice new keys to make purchasing from ESDs a better experience
Fixed sync error that would occasionally happen when one player drops in a multiplayer game
Fixed a bug with reward vehicles and LAN games
Fixed a bug related to swapping factions when starting a multiplayer game
Fixed a crash related to queuing up commands before all players have finished loading in a multiplayer game
Fixed an issue where the Direct-Fire cursor would not change to capture-cursor when moved over Victory or Munition points when Direct-Fire is active
Fixed Churchill flamethrower to work with Direct-Fire
Fixed tank MGs to fire while in Direct-Fire mode
Fixed numerous issues with saved games crashing when certain abilities were activated
Fixed an issue where the sounds of HMG rounds would continue to play after death
Fixed some issues with glider sounds
Fixed ocean ambience in Point-du-Huc
Fixed blocking object placement on 4p Vire River Vally
Fixed blocking object placement on 6p Villers Bocage
Fixed blocking object placement on single player Villers Bocage
Improved Stukka sounds
Improved audio in Tiger Ace campaign
Improved UI for many lobby screens
Numerous help text updates

The British Staghound will no longer gain veterancy like American vehicles
An unintended resource income modifier for players in team games that was added in 2.4 has been reverted due to unintended effects on gameplay
King Tiger now costs 500 manpower to call-in
Jagdpanther now costs 500 manpower to call-in
Assault Grenades now incur damage and a stun effect; the help text still needs to be updated to reflect the new stun effect
Panzerkrieg – The Hotchkiss’ capturing speed has been decreased
Fixed tread breaker long range shot for Panzerkrieg
Panzerkrieg fix – occasionally when a tank’s main gun destroyed, it would not be repaired by the repair station
Added community maps to the map pool:

Added 2p Industrial Riverbed
Added 2p Ruins of Rouen
Added 4p Duclair
Added 4p Road To Montherme
Added 6p Red Ball Express
Added 6p Vimoutiers

Optimized 6p Villers Bocage
Optimized 2p Lyon
Due to the implementation of new abilities and addition of content for Tales of Valor, several hotkeys have been revamped:

Unload = “D”
Cut Wire = “W”
Hold Fire = “D”
Upgrade Demolitions = “O”
Minesweeper Upgrade = “N”
Plant Demolitions = “O”
Quad .50 cal upgrade = “Q”
Mine Clearing (crab) = “C”
Throw Satchel = “L”
Thompson Rifle upgrade = “P”
Axis Assault = “L”
Fire Panzerfaust = “Z”
Observed Fire = “B”
Supervise = “V”
Throw Bundled Grenade = “B”
Incendiary Grenade = “Y”
Kettenkrad = “K”
Panther Battle Ground = “P”
Marder III = “M”
Overdrive = “O”
Sprint = “I”

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