rFactor - MMG 2007 Spa v1 Track

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File Info: rFactor - MMG 2007 Spa v1 Track

rFactor - MMG 2007 Spa v1 Track
Also known as:
R-Factor: Racing Factor, rFactor: SR Grand Prix
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Description: rFactor - MMG 2007 Spa v1 Track

The MMG 2007 Spa v1 track emulates the real life Belgium F1 Grand Prix Spa-Francorchamps track. This track install is solely for rFactor.

About Track

This track was taken from the RH Trackpack with permission from
Emac and RH. Credit for the original RH Trackpack version of this
track goes to its original author of whom we do not know the name of.

If you are the original author of this track for the RH Trackpack
then please contact us here so we can give you appropriate creditation
on [email protected]

This track version is a completely re-vamped and model enhanced version
done by SteveB of MMG. New 2007/2008 Sector 3 model has been made along
with new model fixes on turn one, eau rouge and other sectors.

All credits for the original base track used in the RH trackpack go to
the original authors of this track.

MMG Version Credits

Original Authors of this track for RH trackpack, Emac who gave SteveB permission
to convert and alter RH trackpack tracks, and RH for having no problem with us
using the RH Trackpack tracks.

SteveB - 3D Model Changes, Mapping, Textures and Ingame process and all the new
ideas and implementations I asked him to add.
Petros Mak - New Pitbay implementations

Special thanks to all those who helped SteveB test this track, from MMG Beta
testers and personal league friends. We thank each and every one of you.


Permission is not given to alter, modify or change any part of this track. This
MMG version of the SPA track remains property of MMG and cannot be used without
prior permission.

All MMG Certified Leagues found here http://www.makmodgroup.com/certifiedleagues.php
may use this track in their leagues. Changes to track model are not permitted
for certified leagues as well as individual users, but changes to loading screen
for League specific Loading Screens is allowed.

Leagues must NOT release their league version of this track on non league site
or places like rFactorcentral. League versions must remain strictly within the

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