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Left 4 Dead - Death Abroad Maps
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Left For Dead
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Description: Left 4 Dead - Death Abroad Maps

In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the nearest docks area. From here, you board a stranded ship and finally to a peninsula or island where there will be a lighthouse as a finale.

Install to /maps/ folder, open console ~ and type 'map l4d_deathaboard01_prison'
If your console is disabled, enable this option in your game settings.

L4Dmaps.com - Download the latest L4D maps and campaigns.

NOTES- Known bugs:
* All ladders have been changed to fit with L4D's proper settings now. But they are still confusing bots and npcs sometimes.
* The bulletproof glass in the prison is still not blocking bullets
* Water in docks level still not final
* Saferooms might spawn too many healthkits in campaign mode
* Tanks and witches don't spawn in campaign mode.

v4.0 Release Notes - 03/04/09
* Improved navigation mesh on all maps.
* Randomized weapon, ammo and item placement in all maps.
* Items in saferoom should travel with you now in the changelevel.
* Added more details in all maps.

First Stage Updates: (Prison)
* Changed location of panic event button.
* Changed item placements.
* Bots should know to wait for the panic event door.

Second Stage Updates: (Prison Yard)
* Changed item placements.
* Breakable wall in office is now fully functional.
* Changed location of car alarm.
* More entrance points and ladders for infected.

Third Stage Updates: (Docks)
* Major optimization.
* Water works now. (not final)
* Fixed up skybox and fog. (not final)
* Added a panic events.
* Changed location of car alarm.
* More entrance points and ladders for infected.

Beta 3.0 Release

Campaign updates:
* first beta of the third level released!
* Added movie poster and chapter images

First level updates:
* Fixed players spawning out of map
* Zombies should definetly not spawn in safe room now
* Added safe room arrows to help guide players
* Added glow on panic event button
* Updated nav mesh
* Added more details in some areas

Second level updates:
* Added notification and glow to panic button
* Added some more clip brushes to control player movement
* Changed the location on one of the sewerholes for balance and nav purpose
* Added environmental lightning + new fog properties
* Bots now knows that they should leave the safe room
* Updated nav mesh
* Changed some item placement
* Possibly fixed bug causing the game to crash

Beta 2.0 Release

First level updates:

* Fixed ladders (infected as well)
* Fixed changelevel
* Fixed Zombies spawning in safe room
* Fixed cubemap problem

* Changed some item placement
* Redid textures in some areas
* Improved soundscapes
* Added notification for panic button
* Added more models and details in some areas
* Added environmental lightning + new fog properties
* Added one more rescue closet
* Changed skybox texture
* Updated navigation mesh

* And some other stuff.

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