World in Conflict - Player Made Map Pack

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World in Conflict - Player Made Map Pack
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Description: World in Conflict - Player Made Map Pack

The following maps are player made maps released on official servers. They can be downloaded using the in-game downloading client, but you can also download them separately here. You need to have these maps to be able to join most official servers.

Airport (81 MB SDF) by Luva
Arizona (59 MB SDF) by Slepnyrl
Bocage (84 MB SDF) by Slepnyrl
Ozzault (67 MB SDF) by Luva
Paradise (77 MB SDF) by EvilViking
Valley (77 MB SDF) by Gozeus
Virginia (101 MB SDF) by EvilViking

Click below for installation details

After they are downloaded, place the .sdf file in your
"My Documents\World in Conflict\Downloaded\maps" folder.
You have to make sure you don't have an older version of the maps in your map folder! Make sure to delete all older versions you might have of these maps before downloading the latest versions (the ones linked above). Also make sure the downloaded file isn’t corrupt – delete the failed download in that case and download it again. If you experience problems when trying to join a server, read this post for instructions.

Virginia note: If you use an ATI graphics card, the loading screen can look a bit strange. To fix this, download this rar file and unpack it in your root folder for World in Conflict (for example "C:\Program Files\Sierra Entertainment\World in Conflict").

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