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Half Life : Model Skins
James Towers
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Description: Half Life : Model Skins

These are the model skins for the game Half Life.

Do you want to play with -or against- the skeleton, Homer Simpson, Pink Panter, Trinity from Matrix, The Joker, Terminator, or the Space Ghost?
One problem of the custom models-skins is than they must be in the server to see them or if not, in the clients, our and the others if not, the others players can´t see us, just see the helmet model. Why are you to use a custom model, if the only person in the world who can see it if you? That´s why I made this selection of 106 models of skin for half-life. I download the models most donwloaded and most voted, and selected those with better quality. Furthermore, I tested ALL OF THEM in a lan, so they are all reliable. Now enjoy the models-skin for Half-Life!
1) Make a back-up of your original models/skins, just in case.Necessary if you have download others custom skins. The place where they are saved is just ahead.

2) Extract the files with winzip, winrar or similar to (remember to choose the options "overwrite existing files" and "use folder names" in winzip):

-regular installation: C:\Sierra\half-life\valve\models\player. If you have installed half-life in other folder, then the path is: "your half-life folder"\valve\models\player (easy, isn´t it? :))

-Steam installation: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\"account name"\half-life\valve\models\player

In both cases, there´s no need to create any folder and/or file more. References of each skin are inside of the folders.

Read the 000readme1º!!!!.txt file to more information.

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