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Half-Life 2 - Dear Esther Mod v1.1

File Info: Half-Life 2 - Dear Esther Mod v1.1

Half-Life 2 - Dear Esther Mod v1.1
Also known as:
Half-Life II, Half Life 2
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Description: Half-Life 2 - Dear Esther Mod v1.1

Dear Esther is part of a research project, creating experimental game mods, based at the University of Portsmouth, UK. The aim was to use Source to create something radically different from normal: an interactive story that dispensed with traditional gameplay and focused instead on an open-ended, semi-random narrative.

Apologies about the bug in the previous version - this should now work!

Changes to the original version:

- Improved mapping and terrain fixes for the levels 1, 2 and 3 (4 to follow soon, honest)
- Removal of player clips and replacement of these with kill triggers to prevent map escapes
- Improved sound mix, including final cue remixed
- Fixed double-cue firing issue in level 2
- Extra story cues added
- Caves section extended



// This is what shows up in the 'Third Party Games' area of the Steam games list.
game "Dear Esther"
title "Dear Esther"
type singleplayer_only
icon "resource\DearEsther"

//Steam Games List
developer "thechineseroom" //Your team's name (or just yours!)
developer_url "" //Your team's home page. Must start with http://.
manual "Address" //Address to manual
//This address can be local. An installer can be
//engineered to set this to the correct
//directory on installation.
icon "resource/icon" //The icon must be an uncompressed TGA 16x16 pixels in size.
//For transparency to work, the TGA must be saved in 32-bit
//mode with an active alpha channel.
//The path is relative to the mod's installation directory
//(i.e where GameInfo.txt is) and should not include
//the TGA file extension

SteamAppId 215 // GCF for Source SDK Base
ToolsAppId 211 // Tools will load this (ie: source SDK caches) to get things like materials\debug, materials\editor, etc.

// The code that loads this file automatically does a few things here:
// 1. For each "Game" search path, it adds a "GameBin" path, in \bin
// 2. For each "Game" search path, it adds another "Game" path in front of it with _ at the end.
// For example: c:\hl2\cstrike on a french machine would get a c:\hl2\cstrike_french path added to it.
// 3. For the first "Game" search path, it adds a search path called "MOD".
// 4. For the first "Game" search path, it adds a search path called "DEFAULT_WRITE_PATH".

// Search paths are relative to the base directory, which is where hl2.exe is found.
// |gameinfo_path| points at the directory where gameinfo.txt is.
// We always want to mount that directory relative to gameinfo.txt, so
// people can mount stuff in c:\mymod, and the main game resources are in
// someplace like c:\program files\valve\steam\steamapps\half-life 2.
Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game DearEsther
Game hl2

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