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Description: Fallout 3 - Unique Weapons

This mod introduces some wickedly awesome weapons to Fallout 3 that are totally outrageous and powerful. The list of weapons include Firestorm Minigun, Shock Rifle, Gatling Plasma, Grenade Launcher, Stun Grenades/Mines, Napalm Grenades/Mines, Sonic Blaster, Acid Spitter, BFG 3000, Plasma Shotgun, "Boomstick" Sawed Off Shotgun, "Tranquilizer" Dart Gun, PSI Grenade/Mine, "Mindbreaker" PSI gun, "Redeemer" Missile Launcher, "Assassin" Silenced Sniper Rifle, MAS-9 SMG, and "Poper" Multiply Purpose Rifle.

his mod add some unique weapons to game.

You can have all weapons at Karl,The merchant in the Family.
Or Seagrave at Rivet city.

Weapon/Ammo creation:
Buy the U.W.C.K(Unique Weapons Creation Kit) and Schematics at Seagrave.(Note:exit the pipboy screen after you choose an item to make,same does poper ammo selection)

Weapon description:
Firestorm Minigun:Fires special WP rounds,deals fire damage.which also can be bought at Karl's.
Shock Rifle:A energy weapon that fires a Blue lightning beam which cause a explosion when hit.uses special ammo also.
Gatling Plasma:basically a Gatling plasma gun.
Grenade Lanucher: this weapon can Lanuch your grenades/mines but Plasma and Frag only.(there is a little problem that all grenade you lanuched will explode as if they are plasma grenades.but other than that, there is no problem)
Stun Grenades/Mines:This neat little toy will knock your enemy out for about 15 sec.Or yourself with it.
Napalm Grenades/Mines:Dont't stand in its way, or you are sure to become tasty BBQ.Or not tasty ones,hehe:D.
Sonic Blaster:A rapid-fire blaster.dont use new ammo.
Acid Spitter:Melt your enemy to nasty goos with strong acid!
BFG 3000:A very powerful weapon,fires a big green ball which go BOOOOOMMMM when hit!Now anyone else want some?hehe:D
"Sparkling" Plasma Shotgun:A plasma shotgun.Nothing special except dont stand in its way.
"Boomsitck" Sawed Off Shotgun:This tough guy fires explosive FRAG shells.Punch your enemy hard with it!
"Tranquilizer" Dart Gun:using tranquilizer dart,one hit from it will render impotence on their arms and legs.Also have possiblity to compeletely paralyze them.
PSI Grenade/Mine:Anyone hit by this will go into a bloody rage,making them attack anyone they see,include their friends.There's also a small chance that victims' head explode!Hav fun tossing it into a pack of enemy.
"Mindbreaker" PSI gun:A gun that does pretty much the same as PSI nades.
"Redeemer" Missile Launcher:Fires special HIGH explosive missile.The missile flys a bit slow but is very deadly.
"Assassin" Silenced Sniper Rifle:A silenced sniper rifle with deadly accuracy and a scope which zooms more.
MAS-9:Now THAT's what I call a SMG.
"Poper" Mutilply Purpose Rifle:A modifyed old repeater,can use .44 magnum for long range shot,and buckshot shells when it gets close,or even the special shells/slugs for more killing power. (you need to craft it)

Those weapons are powerful,this they are also quite expensive,for balance.

For those who have killed Karl or just dont want to buy them,the FORMIDs are listed below:
(000)166ff2 - Fire Storm
16eff2 - Shock Rifle
13627d - Gatling Plasma
17eff2 - 5mm WP ammo
16fee9 - Shock Core
16fee5 - Grenade Launcher
18e221 - Stun Grenade
18e222 - Stun Mine
18e223 - Napalm grenade
18e224 - Napalm mine
18aa23 - Sonic Blaster
18ffea - Acid Spitter
16fee8 - Acid Gel
18ffeb - BFG 3000
18ffec - Plasma Shotgun "Sparkling"
16fee7 - BFG Cell
16fef1 - Plasma Shell
18ffed - Sawed-off Shotgun "Boomstick"
16fef2 - FRAG Shell
18ffee - Tranquilizer
16fef3 - Tranquilizer Dart
18ffc1 - PSI grenade
18ffc2 - PSI mine
196662 - Mindbreaker
16fef4 - PSI cell
196663 - Redeemer
16fef5 - Redeemer Missile
196664 - Assassin
196665 - MAS-9
196666 - Poper
16fefb - Incendiary Shell

Crashing problem fixed
"Poper" and Incendiary Shells added
Weapon Creation system added(only 2 stuff now)
More minor tweaks around
Sonic Blaster now uses Energy cell

FORMID conflict fixed.However it will cause all of your weapon&ammo disappear.use the console to add them back on.Sorry for trouble.
weapon&ammo added to enemys(Enclave,SuperM and Talon,) and random loot.
Mas-9 10mmSMG added(have new mesh made by Jaysus)

Nades fired by GL now explode on contact
Sonic Blaster Power rised,and fires faster.(it uses 2 MF cells,after all.)
"Mindbreaker" added
"Redeemer" added
"Assassin" added
Now talon mercs have chance to use Firestorm minigun after you are lvl 10.(More enemy using more unique weapons will come in later updates)

Now you can buy stuffs at Seagrave at Rivetcity
Grenade Launcher now have better range.
Sonic Blaster now uses 2 ammo for each shot
Sparkling firepower rised
prices adjusted again
BFG explosion radius rised,and its single shot now.(4 cell/each shot,cell price lowered)
Boomstick added
Tranquilizer added
PSI Grenade/Mine added

Stun grenade 1st person look fixed
prices adjusted
Sparkling added
BFG 3000 added

The stun effect now have only half the duration(8s)
Rised power of gatling plasma
AP cost for Shock rifle greatly rised
Shock core price rised to 150/each to match its huge killing power,also its more rarer(8/each time)
Sonic Blaster added
Acid Spitter added
minor tweaks here and there

Added two kind of grenades/mines,and some fixes here and there.

Fixed the minigun changed to firestorm problem
changed Grenade Launcher mesh and sound
lowered price by about 30%

Readme added.

if you have any problem with this mod,you are welcome to leave a message here or send a e-mail at [email protected]

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