Fallout 3 - Hair Style Unlock

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Fallout 3 - Hair Style Unlock
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Description: Fallout 3 - Hair Style Unlock

Use this mod give characters any hair style available in the game. Hairstyles are specifically linked to a NPC, raider, or other folders.

Sorry, I don't speak english. This is machine translation.

Added haircuts for some NPC's (based on the "SPARTAN VIs Pretty Girls"), and raiders (not for all!).

WARNING! This archive contained only *.esp files! If you need full addon, with meshes and textures, you must download primary
archive - Hairpack.7z!

Only for NPC - use the files from folder "Only NPC". Analogue "SPARTAN VIs Pretty Girls".

For NPC and raiders - use the files found in the "NPC and Raiders". This added new haircuts for raiders, Megaton Settlers, and some NPC, like addon from SPARTANS VI.

Copy the desired "eyes_hairpack_(en)(ru).esp" in to "Data" folder (replace old file, if need).
Also, some fixes for the russian version, and "Hair10" model.

-> Note: If you do not find raiders with new hairstyle, it does not mean that the addon does not work, I replace hairstyle only for some raiders.

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