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Unlock all perks and build a character any way imaginable and create very unique personalities. Build a powerful pwn character or extremely specialized setup.

Click below for more details and issues with mod try using the Level 100 Cap mod, Level Cap Increaser Skill Workaround, Level-Up No Lock

I wanted to open up new possibilities in character creation. It never did make sense why Perks were earned by level. The more I thought about it, the more it didn't make sense. Perks are close to natural abilities or learned behaviors. In life one can pursue any discipline with dedication or a bit of hard work, practice makes perfect. One can also wake up one day and discover having a natural affinity towards doing something by just trying it out for the first time. Your survival instincts will kick into high gear, especially in a post apocalyptic wasteland surrounding. Anyways, this mod isn't very lore friendly. But it makes sense to me. This mod will certainly allow for much for unique individuals walking the wasteland.

From now on, character customization is totally in your hands. You can outfit your character with any perk you want at any level. However you must still possess the natural raw innate talent in certain skills or attributes before some perks are made available. So plan your character advancement carefully and choose your perks wisely.

This mod will only cause conflicts if other mods modify perks. In which case, the last mod in your fallout load order will be what's in effect in your game. You can use FOMM to rearrange your mod load order.

I recommend a few other mods which will work well with this.

Level 100 Cap -

And either one of these two to go along...

Level Cap Increaser Skill Workaround -


Level-Up No Lock - http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=352

The .esp will work as is, nothing else needs to be done except to enable it in your Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM. Just install it to your Fallout 3\Date directory. Delete it if you don't like it after you try it out. I believe you'll like it. It should make you concentrate and plan your character much better.

I used FOMM to make this mod. You should be able to find the latest version right on Nexus.


Finally, there is an included add on version of the mod which will make all perks available in game except for the temporary perks. Remember to sleep well in the wasteland and eat well whenever possible. The mod order does not matter. Any one of the two can go first.

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