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STALKER: Clear Sky -ClearSky MOD Pack v1.0

File Info: STALKER: Clear Sky -ClearSky MOD Pack v1.0

STALKER: Clear Sky -ClearSky MOD Pack v1.0
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STALKER: Clear Sky
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Description: STALKER: Clear Sky -ClearSky MOD Pack v1.0

This mod is a a favorite for STALKER: Clear Sky bringing some of the best gameplay improvements to the game. These include changes to the weapons, sounds, textures, and faeatures that improve the overall gameplay.

Readme File:
Clear Sky Mods v1.0 by Bad_Motha
Tested under v1.5.03 & v1.5.04


- 500kg Carry Weight

- Bright longer range flash light (50 meters!)

- Abakan, AK-74, AKS-74U can all upgrade to the more realistic 40 rd mag

- MP5 can now go in the pistol slot

- MP5 has 30 rd mag by default; 50 rd after mechanic upgrade

- Beretta can now do single & full-auto

- Beretta has 15 rd mag by default; 30 rd after mechanic upgrade

- Realistic accuracy and damage for Abakan, AK-74, AKS-74U, Beretta, MP5, SVD

- Realistic SVD Skin with Wood

- Real Weapons Names, including name fixes to dialog / quests

- Allows the use of weapons ANYWHERE, no more being forced to put your weapon
away in certain zone areas; i.e. Bases, Camps, Trade areas.

- Improved sounds for all weapons (Real AK reload sound)

- Flash Drive quest issues have been fixed

- Ability to fully trade with NPCs

- UI has been fixed so you will always get the YES and NO option to enter an area

- Cordon & Garbage travel fixes included

- Realistic high quality textures for all blood spatters

- Artifacts only weight 0.01

- Mechanics are improved and can now work on more guns by default

- Removed I/O Disk loading icon

- Realistc & accurate scopes

- Nightvision Upgrade Fix for Suits

- Includes Russian to English translations
Translations won't crash game, 100% working
Users with Russian version of ClearSky can simply rename
folder "gamedataconfigstexteng" -to- "gamedataconfigstextrus"



1. Open fsgame.ltx in Clear Sky root directory using Notepad
Change this:

$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata


$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

2. Put the folder "gamedata" from this mod in Clear Sky directory.
Example: C:Program FilesGSC World PublishingS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Skygamedata



Sounds are not copyrighted
Calibrated Scopes by PieJesu
Nightvision Upgrade Fix by Strikor
Real SVD made by Stollsteffen



Slight visable issue w/ MP5 pointing to the right sometimes when holding detector.
Nothing to worry about. Works just fine.

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