Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars - Tiberium Essence mod v1.4 Client

File Info: Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars - Tiberium Essence mod v1.4 Client

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars - Tiberium Essence mod v1.4 Client
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Description: Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars - Tiberium Essence mod v1.4 Client

This mod brings back some essential things and features from previous CnC games, mainly from CnC Tiberian sun, that many CnC fans were missing in vanilla CNC3. Look for classic Tiberium model, blood and gore from infantry, burned infantry, Tiberian sun units and more. There are many minor visual, sound or balance changes in this mod.

Tiberium Essence 1.4

Game - Command and Conquer 3 : Tiberian Wars with patch 1.9

Developer - Jiri "Carnius" Chalupa

e-mail - [email protected]

This modification offers an alternative gameplay to Tiberian Wars involving many Tiberian Sun units which many CnC fans (like me) missing in vanilla CNC3 and add even new my made units which you can´t find enywhere else. Story is quite the same like Tiberian Wars, but is all about what if GDI and Nod do not abandon technologies they have used in Tiberian Sun era and instead of that further developed them.
But it´s not only that, there are many visual, sound and balance changes which I want to see in my mod, new effects like blood and gore, new infantry deaths, new more realistic missile trails and many more.

And here is small F&Q

Q: Why Nod got no super heavy "epic" unit unlike other factions?
A: Because i believe such unit do not fit to Nod combat doctrine. Nod relly on stealth and hit and run tactic since very firs command and conquer and Tiberian Sun as well. It is also an opportunity to balance Nod different way, like add second hero unit - The Cyborg Commando. So gameplay and strategy for Nod faction is different not just because units looks different but because act different and got different abilities.

Q:Why scrin infantry unit Stalwart looks like humanoid and speak human?
A:Scrin are not just strange looking aliens, but advanced race which can respond to battlefield requirements faster than others. Stalwarts is alien answer to urban fight. These cretures are developed to one single purpouse - to hunt and kill humans in cities, therefore they need to be like human so they can garrison structures and understand human language.

1) Ensure you have game patched to v 1.9, if not install latest patch 1.9

2) Go to Dokuments in windows start menu and find folder "Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars" and open it. Inside you should see folder called mods, if not create new folder called mods.

3) Open folder mods and copy folder TiberiumEssence from this package in to it

Run mod:

1) Insert CnC3:Tiberian Wars DVD to your dvd drive and Wait until game launcher window emerges.

2) Clic on Game Browser button, new window whith Replays should open.

3) Switch to mods, select TiberiumEssence and then click Launch Game.

If game launcher do not emerges after is DVD insert, you have probably disabled autorun in your windows default settings. You must launch Game Launcher manually from DVD. Open Tiberium Wars DVD and run autorun.exe in main root. When game launcher opens click on Game Browser button and follow instructions above.

Simply delete folder TiberiumEssence

Known issues:
Saved files from original Tiberian wars or previous version Tiberium Essence is not compatible with this version of my mod and cause game crash, it is due many changes in weapons and units. Both skirmish and campaign maps must be started from begin. For campaign it means start campaign from begin or go to campaign load menu and chose auto save from top menu and then chose any map from theatre you want to play. If you do save game with this mod it can be loaded normally, but of course it works only with same version of this mod.

My changes on some structures and units do not work in certain campaign maps. My guess is that it´s different unit or structure. They are probably part of that map and cannot be edited. But don´t worry you won´t get stuck in campanign. Most likely it is an insignificant problems.

I´m sorry for these inconvenience.

This mod contains sounds taken from other cnc games and modified textures from CNC3 Tiberian wars, but EA support modding their games so it should be legal. Everything else in this mod is done by myself.

For modders:
You can use anything from my mod, but only if you give me credit for that.

Please do not ask me for my models. I say that I will release them for public use one day and I'm looking forward to keeping my promise but it will not be any time soon. This mod is still in development so please be patient.


Jiri "Carnius" Chalupa - Project leader, all 2d/3d art in mod, all coding in mod
Rimtech - TE Logo, TE Propagation, Betatester, new sounds
DJ Killer - TE Logo final edit, Betatester
Vlado32 - TE music composer, Betatester
White Wolf - Text Editor (


Thanks to Sedistix from project CnC3:Tactix for his help with ini files and some coding stuff
Thanks to Dutchygamer from Project Perfect Mod forum for his help with code on explosive Blue tiberium
Olaf van Der Spec (XCC utility)
Jonathan "Jonwil" Wilson (SDK Extras/CnC3Tools)

And thanks to whole CnC community for support and positive response.

So enjoy and have fun.

Version 1.4
This version brings you not just forgotten technologies from tiberian sun era like previous, but also completely new units never seen before and seriously change look of Gdi, Nod and Scrin. Also I have put some more balance changes in to v1.4 which affect all factions and game play. 1.4 is not perfect yet, or at least not as perfect as i want it to be, but i hope you will enjoy it even with some flaws here and there. Many things has been changed, many improved, but many still waiting for udjustment or replacement for better model (titan, wolverine, scorpion tank etc) But overall the main goal i have for 1.4, to increase visual quality of this mod has been achieved. Balance part is always big issue specially when you change so many aspects of this game. We have done our best to balance things propperly but im sure there is always something which might evade our atention, so feel free to report any balance broblem you encounter, it will be taken in to consideration and propper fix will be included in next patched version. This time i swear you wont need to wait another halve year for it.

This version also finally includes new music.

New music is composed by Vlado32 and Frank Klepacky

Track list:
Vlado 32:
Found Troops, Rise, Slow march, Total Wasteland, They´re creep up and they won´t have compassion

Frank Klepacky (including tracks from Tiberian down, Tiberian sun and Renegade)

Tiberium down: Charge, On the prowl, Air strike, No mercy,
Tiberium Sun : Approach, Nod crush, Pharotek, Deploy machine, Dusk hour, Mad rap, Heroism, Time bomb, Lone troop, Slave to the system, Killing machine, Gloom, Scout
Renegade: On your feet, Stop them again, Stomp, In line of fire (renegade remix),

Act of instinct cnc3:kw remix

Global Changes
All basic and most advaced infantry lost detect stealth ability in small radius like is done in vanilla TW, this makes mines also usefull agains infantry and makes units with sensors even more important. Infantry with stealth detecting sensors are: Gdi Sniper Team, Gdi Zone troopers (small radius on start, increased with upgrade as usual), Nod Shadows, Alien Stalwarts and all Commando class units can detect stealth small radius like in vanilla.

All superweapons cost 7500 and require more power

All T3 tech structures require more power

All Units with tiberium heal ability heal in tiberium slower

All basic and advanced infantry have 20% better protection vs cannon and missile damage

Added Unit Crate to Skirmish and Multiplayer game when crate option is on - Including only original Tiberium wars units. Unit list are: Gdi Apc, Gdi Pitbull, Gdi Predator, Nod Scorpion tank, Nod Beam cannon, Nod Flame tank. All these units are generic units without abilities or upgrades.

Any faction can now heal and replenish infantry squads. Gdi now use Barrack not Armory and Nod Hand of Nod for healing soldiers and Secret Shirne for healing cyborgs only. this maybe sounds unusual but if you think about that is only logical step. Barracks all around the world usualy have some stationary medics for treating at least small injuries and its the place where is also fallen or incapatiet troops replaced by new one. But not so scrin. I have something special for scrin in this matter. Scrin Portal (like Gateway) is using so called Nano Field for healing infantry and vehicles while Statis chamber can replenish squads, but they dont need to enter this structure, just enter small radius around Statis chamber and missing troops is teleported directly in to squad. Scrin are aliens race so they do things different :)

No reconstruction drones around gateway and gravity stabilizer - scrin are advanced race so they use advanced technology to repair units, all production facilities (including Portal) and deployed Explorer provides Nano field instead which repairs alien units around them. Just move your units inside repair circle as usual. Technicaly there is no difference, you can still repair max 3 unit at once or order Gateway to repair one unit 3x faster. It also works for infantry.

Reactors missing flames - white flames has been removed from all reactors on start and only emerge after you upgrade it with fusion core, now you can clearly see which powerplant has upgrade and which not without need to select it manualy or study this small spikes on front part.

Buzzers - Cost 300 and attacking in one wave per second instead of 100 attacks in seconds as in vannila TW. This change is insignificant for balance but im sure you know that problem when buzzers attack vehicle, no matter how good computer you have frame rate drops down, well this change remove this problem completly.

Tiberium shards upgrade - removed

Gun Walker - removed and replaced for new unit Razorback

Seeker - 50% increased range, 10% more damage vs vehicles and structures

Manta - increased health, decreased range and attack damage vs structures

Harvester - increased health

Devourer - increased weapon range and increased maximum ammo for conversion beam

Corrupter - improved visual effect of firing

Annihilator Tripod - incresed maximum ammo for conversion beam

Signal transmitter - 50% more health

Photon cannon - renamed to Plasma disc Battery (it firing plasma disc not photon-something), got upgrade Tiberium Enhancement

Buzzer hive - got upgrade Tiberium Hive

Mothership - renamed to Planet Killer Mothership - so we run 2 mothership classes Assault (new one) Planet Killer (old one with catalist cannon), you can have only one scrin super unit so you cant deploy Planet Killer Mothership when assault mothership or conqueror is already deployed, but you are able to finish scrin campaign by constructing any mothership including new assault mothership.

New Scrin Upgrades:
Tiberium Hive - available on Nerve Centre, increses maximum health and buzzers combat efectivness, affects only Buzzer hive, cost 1000

Tiberium Enhancement - replaces Tiberium shards upgrade - increases attack dmage and maximum health, affects Seeker, Razorback (new unit), Stormrider and Plasma disc Cannon

Tiberium Integration - upgrades all Disintegrators with tiberium, increses attack damage and maximum health

Tiberium Eseence Alien Units Description:
Razorback - replaces gun walker, medium hover vehicle, good vs. infantry and aircraft

Cost 700
Requirements: Gateway
Armor: Medium
Armament: Dual Plasma Autocannon

Upgrades: Tiberium Enhancement

Manta - medium hover vehicle, good vs vehicle, infantry

Cost 1000
Requirements: Gateway
Armor: heavy
Armament: Lightning Bolt

Upgrades: Ion Storm Generator
Abilities: Deploy Ion Storm

Defiler - heavy artillery walker, good vs infantry and structures
weapon can spawn viceroids and leave residual tiberium cloud which damages everything inside

Cost 1500
Requirements: Gateway, Technology Assembler
Armor: Heavy
Armament: Long range ichor spitter

Stalwart Squad - heavy infantry, strong vs. infantry, structure, detect stealth

Cost - 1000
Heavy Infantry Armor
Requirements - Technology Assembler
Armament: Fusion Blaster

Abilities - Close Combat assault - Stalwarts assault enemy using close combat power weapons. Inflict heavy damage to enemy vehicles and kills infantry and garrisoned infantry.

Upgrade - Blink Pack (same as Shock Troopers)

Conqueror - unique superheavy walker, good vs ground units and structures
can seed tiberium on area supporting tiberium growth
provides tiberium radiation similar to tiberium field, heals units which can heal in tiberium (allied scrin ground units, mutans and cyborgs)

can use his assimilate ability to acquire technology from husks to gain knowledge of enemy weapons and evolve appropriate countermeasures
Avatar Husk – Adds Lasers and increases maximum speed
Annihilator Tripod Husk – Adds two Tiberium Pulse Cannons and increases maximum health
Juggernaut Husk – Adds shard cannon and increases weapons range

Cost 4500
Requirements: Gateway, Signal Transmitter
Armor: Heavy
Armament: Tiberium Super Laser
Abilities: Assimilate Technology, Seed Tiberium, Tiberium Radiation

Assault Mothership - unique superheavy capital ship, good vs ground units and structures,
spawn 4 Stormriders for self defence and support in combat
can create large ion storm
heals in ion strom

Cost 7000
Requirements: Gravity Stabilizer, Signal Transmitter
Armor: Heavy
Armament: two dual Anti-matter battery
Abilities: Deploy Ion Strom

Alien support powers description:

Meteorite Strike - available on Signal Transmitter, offensive power, summon a tiberium meteorite over target area, Cost - 3000, can destroy any basic structures (power plant class, barracks class, infantry support structures, T1 and T2 defensive structures)


Titan - 5% decreased health and firepower

Hover Mlrs - firing 4 missiles per salvo, got Jump Jet upgrade

Apc - removed and replaced for Goliath Heavy Apc

Mammoth Tank - improved model, missile pods can pitch up when shooting on air targets

Juggernout - improved model, 20% incresed health, slower firing rate, cost 2600

Missileman Squad - incresed averall health and attack damage

Assault predator - renamed to Predator Mark II, improved model

Orca Bomber - decreased health, got carpet bombs, got versatile loadout ability, can chose between carpet bombs or shockwave bombs

Mammoth Mark II - new model, can be upgraded with disk launcher turret or anti-aircraft railguns, can´t have both you must chose which one you want.

Power plant cost reduced to 700, produces 10% more power, its more fair if you consider fact that original in vanilla TW produces only as much power as scrin powerplant for 600!

Refinery - model improved - add "plug" on tiberium "pool", green smoke replaced for normal smoke, gdi approach to enviromental issue more seriously and they care about health of their people so they can´t just spread tiberium toxins around.

Rpg tower - got Shockwave Grenades upgrade

AA-Battery - got Railguns upgrade (thats right, no tungsten but railguns! This is future right? So why should gdi using 100 years old technology when they got railguns. Before you questening this decision consider this, USA really trying to create anti-missile railguns capable of taking down balistic missiles so why not use it on aircraft too? Yes, its still in development, but in future who know? And we have one possible future in tiberium wars.

Sonic emittor - improved model

Dropship command - Provides 4 extra support powers which deploy various veteran units on dropship command for cheaper price than units build in warfactory. When nod got tiberium seed and scrin tiberium growth accelerators gdi got this. Something similar should be originaly in tiberian sun, but was cut off from final game. This is not exactly what was intended for TS but is closest i can get to it. Here you can buy preset unit groups including Light armor company (1x Falcon, 1x Apc, 1x Mlrs), Mech spearhead (2x Wolverine, 2x Titan), Siedge team (1x Disruptor, 1x Juggernout) and Mammoth Stomp (2x Mammoth tanks). All of them is reset at start so you have to wait until your reinforcement is ready which is propperly announced by Eva with generic "Reinforcement ready". Non of these powers is in player power sidebar on left but in ability window of dropship command so you have to select dropship command to gain access to them. I want to separate these powers from others because they works different way than classic support powers.

Mech spearhead - removed from player powers sidebar, deploys units on dropship command only

Composite Armor upgrade - add some resistance to tiberium

New upgrades:

Shockwave Grenades - Upgrades all Falcons and RPG Turrets with Shockwave Grenades. Increases Falcon and RPG Turret blast radius and adds EMP damage. Research at Tech Center

Jump Jet Booster - Upgrades all Falcons and Hover MLRS with Jump Jets Boosters, enabling them to rapidly relocate to a nearby location. Research at Command Post

Tiberium Essence GDI Units Description:

Wolverine - light mech strong vs infantry

Cost - 600
Armor - Medium
Armament - 2x Assault Cannon
Requirements - GDI War Factory
Upgrades - AP Ammo

Abilities - detect stealth, call for transport

Titan - heavy mechanised walker, strong vs. vehicles, can shoot over walls, is vulnereable to commandos c4 attack

Cost - 1400
Armor - Heavy
Armament - 120 mm Cannon
Requirements - GDI War Factory
Upgrades - Rail gun

Abilities - can crush lesser vehicles under feet

Goliath Apc - heavy infantry transporter, good vs infantry, aircraft
can deploy emp mines on target area, emp mines are effective only vs vehicles

Cost - 900
Armor - Heavy
Armament - 2x Assault Cannon
Requirements - GDI War Factory
Upgrades - AP Ammo

Abilities - EMP Mines, call for transport

Falcon - light hover vehicle, good vs vehicle, structure

Cost - 700
Armor - Medium
Armament - RPG Launcher
Requirements - GDI War Factory
Upgrades - Shockwave grenades, Jet Booster

Abilities - Call for transport, Jet Booster (requires upgrade) - Engage Jump Jet Boosters to rapidly relocate to a nearby location

Hover Mlrs - light hover vehicle, good vs vehicle, structure, aircraft, can shoot over walls

Cost - 1200
Armor - Medium
Armament - Multiple Launch Rocket System
Requirements - GDI War Factory, Command Post
Upgrades - Jet Booster

Abilities - Call for transport, Jet Booster (requires upgrade) - Engage Jump Jet Boosters to rapidly relocate to a nearby location

Disruptor - strong vs. Structure, infantry, vehicle

Cost - 1800
Heavy Armor
Armament - Sonic weapon, damage everything in firing path
Requirements - GDI War Factory, Tech Center

Abilities - Focused Sonic Beam (Clear Garrison) - disruptor focuses fire to clear out garrisoned buildings

Field Medic Squad - support infantry, heal nearby infantry
Field Medics deploy Combat Support Hospital - heal and replenish 2 squads at once

Cost - 1000
Light Armor
Requirements - GDI Barrack, Armory

Abilities - Deploy Combat Support Hospital

Jump Jet Trooper - strong vs. Aircraft, infantry

Cost - 700
Heavy Armor
Armament - Assault Cannon
Requirements - GDI Barrack, Command Post
Upgrades - Power Packs

Abilities - Close Support Altitude - Jump Jet Infantryman descends to low altitude to provide close air support, hovering above the ground at reduced speed

Orca Bomber - heavy bomber strong vs vehicles, structure

Cost - 2400
Heavy Armor
Armament - Carpet Bombs or Shock wave bombs
Requirements - GDI Air Tower, Dropship Command
Upgrades - Minigun - additional weapon can attack air and ground units

Abilities - Versatile Loadout (Carpet Bombs, Shockwave Bombs)

Regarding Jump Jet trooper I failed in some elements. First he came in squad of one. He do not walk on ground, but only hovering close to ground. He can´t be healed in barrack or medics combat support hospital, but he got power packs upgrade which compensate this inability at least with self heal. Im apologize if i disappointed your expectations regarding this unit, i have some serious troubles in code which denied me to do it otherwise, but i hope you will like my finall solution too.


Cloaking field - renamed to Portable stealth generators, do not kills infantry anymore, works much like area upgrade your vehicles and not like mystical magic power which makes your units invisible and for no reason kills infantry.

Decoy army - decoys do not see anymore, cant attack, but is invulnerable, it suppose to be holograms, so lets make them behave like holograms

Catalist missile - (just reminding) does more damage to normal structures and units, but area effect is smaller, still you can use it for finishing of different targets than tiberium based structures

Subterranean strike - moved to Tech Lab, do not need secret shirne and operation centre anymore

Tiberium infusion - renamed to Forced Evolution, tiberium is poison and direct infusion would kill any human imediately so in Tiberium Essence Kane use his knowledge and force evolution of humans to be able to survive in tiberium contaminated area but they lost something from humanity hence they become sort of mutants.

Confessor upgrade - renamed to Black hand elite - a Black hand elite armed with laser gattling replaces confessor in squads of militants and newely add to black hand squad too. He is also able to attack airborne infantry like jump jet troopers or flying shadows are.

Enhanced servomechanism - removed, this whole upgrade was only redundant and fast cyborgs looks a bit weird

Refinery - improved model, tiberium pool partialy closed, nod do not care about health their own people as much as Gdi do.

Power plant - new model for liquid tiberium core upgrade (lets get rid of that green bulb)

Black hand - new cape less model without insect-like eyes on helmet, now got propper helmet visor, add upgrade Black hand elite

Rocket Militant Squad - comes in squad of 3, increased overall health and attack damage, cost 500

Raider buggy - new model, attack power and health increased, cost 500, got Tiberium particle beam istead of laser capacitors (there is already enough lasers in nod faction)

Scorpion Tank - do not need driling mechanism anymore

Scarab Apc - new model, can deploy mine field, cost 1000

Cobra Artillery - new model, new weapon (long range plasma cannon), is stealthed, deploys and undeploys to fire on button simillar to artillery in TS.

Beam cannon - removed and replaced for Basilisk beam cannon, Basilisk got completly new weapon, beams do not join anymore (that is actually agains nature), rather than that split in to three separate beams, can hit more targets at once or one with full firepower, new ability add - overchage, but lost reflector attack which was in contradictory to his new weapon, Charge Defenses presereved. Beam cannon something lost, something gain, but averall its much more usefull unit even in frontline combat.

Stealth Tank - 10% more health, basic damage decreased, has Tiberium core missiles upgrade, cost 1600

Cyborg squad - moved to secret shirne, got tiberium particle beam upgrade

Reaper - moved to secret shirne, can´t attack aircraft anymore, now serves as heavy anti-vehicle infantry, can´t enter structures or transport apc, but got call for transport ability, no more shoot that weird web to slow down units (ok that was really not well handled effect from my part), this whole ability was redone to Subtterain blast, Reaper launches preprogramed mortar shell which dig deep under ground and then detonate resulting small earthquake which slow down units and cause significant damage to infantry and structures. We decided that there is no reason to keep reaper like he was, he was not of much great use, frankly he was only stronger bike, but in firepower weaker than stealth tank, so we find better (hopefully better) use for him.

cyborg commando - decreased firepower and health, add flamer (like should be in TS), improved armor vs sniper fire

All cyborgs is now healed by nod repair drones

Secret shirne - produces all cyborgs and also heals cyborgs

Shredder Turret - more health, got Tiberium Particle Beam upgrade, turrets can be deployed in wider radius, cost 700

Laser Turret - more health more firepower, turrets can be deployed in wider radius, cost 1400

Sam Turret - more health more firepower, got Tiberium warheads upgrade, turrets can be deployed in wider radius, cost 1000

Obelisk of light - more health more firepower, cost 2200

Tiberium Essence Nod Units Description:

Scorpion Tank MK II - Light Tank. Strong vs. Vehicles.

Cost - 900
Light Armor
Armament - 105mm cannon
Requirements - Nod War Factory
Upgrades - Laser Cappacitors

Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower), dig in - allow scorpion deploy to fortified position similar to Tiberian sun tick tank which gives Scorpion tank 50% bonus to armor and 25% bonus to weapon range

Scarab Apc - infantry transporter, have no weapons but comes with preloaded rocket militant squad, which can shoot out from vehicle

Cost - 1000
Armament - none
Armor - medium
Requirements - Nod War factory, Hand of Nod
Upgrade - Driling Mechanism

Abilities - Subterrain attack (requires upgrade Driling Mechanism) Vehicle executes subterranean movement and emerges at designated location, Deploy mine field

Devils tongue - flame tank, strong vs infantry, structure

Cost - 1400
Medium Armor
Requirements - Nod Warfactory, Operations centre
Armament - Dual Flamer -clear garrison
Upgrade - Driling Mechanism

Abilities - Subterrain attack (requires upgrade Driling Mechanism) Vehicle executes subterranean movement and emerges at designated location

Basilisk beam cannon - strong vs structures, infantry, light armored vehicle

Cost - 1100
Medium Armor
Requirements - Nod Warfactory, Operations centre
Armament - Multi-purpose Beam cannon

Abilities - Charge Defenses, Call for Transport (Air Tower), Overcharge - Basilisk crew diverts maximum power to weapons to unleash devastating laser blast. Basilisk must shutdown all systems for a while after fire

Phantom - utility vehicle, repair vehicle and mobile stealth generator

Cost - 2000
Medium Armor
Armament - weaponless
Requirements - Nod War Factory, Operations centre
Abilities - Repairs nearby vehicles, Unpacks into Stealth Generator, call for transport (Air Tower)

Cobra mobile Artillery - sidge weapon, strong vs structures and stationary vehicles and infantry, stealthed

Cost - 2200
Medium Armor
Armament - Long range plasma cannon, must deploy to fire
Requirements - Nod War Factory, Tech lab (Nod Tech Centre)

Abilities - Deploy to fire, stealthed

Cyborg Squad - heavy infantry, strong vs infantry

Cost - 1000
Heavy Infantry Armor (takes more damage from cannon fire, but less damage from small arms and sniper fire)
Armament - Minigun
Requirements - Nod Secret Shirne, Operations centre
Upgrade - Tiberium Particle Beam

Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower)

Cyborg Reaper - heavy infantry, strong vs vehicles

Cost - 1200
Heavy Infantry Armor (takes more damage from cannon fire, but less damage from small arms and sniper fire)
Armament - Dual autocannon
Requirements - Nod Secret Shirne, Tech lab (Nod Tech Centre)
Upgrade - Tiberium Warheads

Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower), Subterrain Blast - Fires mortar shell programend to burrow deep into ground before detonation. Resulting tremor slows down enemy units and cause heavy damage to structures.

Cyborg Commando - heavy elite cyborg, strong vs. vehicle , infantry, structure, produced on Secret Shirne, heal in tiberium

Cost - 3000
Heavy Infantry Armor (takes more damage from cannon fire, but less damage from small arms and sniper fire)
Armament - Plasma cannon, Flamer (clear garrison)
Requirements - Secret Shirne, Chemical Plant

Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower), Super Charged - Cyborg Commando diverts maximum power to weapon to unleash devastating plasma blast

Banshee - heavy jet fighter strong vs vehicles, structures

Cost - 2200
Heavy Armor
Armament - Plasma torpedo launcher
Requirements - Nod Air Tower, Tiberium Chemical Plant
Upgrades - Advanced avionics - avaiable at Tech lab, enable Banshee attack air units

Version 1.3

This version brings you more forgotten technologies from tiberian sun era and seriously change look of Gdi and Nod. Also I have put some more balance changes in to v1.3 which affect all factions and game play.

I wish say only good news but this time i fail in certain things.

Scrin got only one new unit. I have one more, but i realised i have to rebuild this unit because i dont feel is good enough to release so maybe in next version.

Cyborg Commando has no legless version when critically damaged, also i have to remove legless version at ordinary cyborgs becouse it
did not work right, cyborgs fell out from squad and survive even when killed on destroyed bridge and inside killed transport, so i
remove it for good. The reason for this solution is that it did not work right and i did not find other way to make it possible in CnC3. I will work on this even further but for now no legless cyborgs in Tiberium essence :(

Free transports removed - it didn´t work right, some people were confused because they can carry only some vehicles and also becouse
call for transport ability which is better keep in game due campaign so i chose to remove them for now. I will try handle this issue

So what you can expect in new version.


Pitbull - removed from game

Predator - removed from warfactory, added machinegun and Ap Ammo upgrade, now only accessable via warhound support power

Wolverine - moved to tier 1, detect stealth, 10% more health, has AP ammo upgrade, Cost 600

Titan - moved to tier 1, 10% less health, do not spawn husk after death (husk removed due balance issue), Cost 1400

APC - 15% more health, has AP ammo upgrade, Cost 800

Hover MLRS - fires 2 strong missiles per salvo (was 6 weak missiles)

Rig (Battle base) - added railgun upgrade

Mammoth MKII
- + 15% weapons range, + 20% health
- Removed from support power, is now build directly on Dropship command (this change make computer AI build this unit too)
- do not spawn husk after death (husk removed due balance issue)
- Cost - 5000

Rifle Soldier Squad - 25% more health, new model

Disc Thrower Squad - replaces Grenadiers, better damage vs vehicles and structures than Grenadiers, Discs do not scatter - significantly improves Disc Throwers effectiveness vs infantry

Sniper - new model

Disruptor - strong vs. Structure, infantry, vehicle

Cost - 1800
Heavy Armor
Hitpoints - 5000
Armament - Sonic weapon, damage everithing in firing path, 1000 damage per shot, 100% bonus vs structures
Requirements - GDI War Factory, Tech Center

Medic - support infantry, heal nearby infantry

Cost - 900
Light Armor
Hitpoints - 500
Requirements - GDI Barrack, Armory

Orca - Small model change - missiles on wings replaced with Rocket Pods

DropShip Command - produces Mammoth MK II

Vulcan Tower - replaces Watch Tower, same statistics as Watch Tower, has AP ammo upgrade

RPG Tower - Fires 2 shells per clip, 35% more firepower

Support powers

Warhounds - Deploys three Veteran Predator Tanks to the battlefield, Cost 3500, reload time 4 min

Bloodhounds - removed

Mammoth Stomp - removed from game (see previous version entry for details)

New Upgrade

AP Ammo - increases attack damage, affect Wolverine, APC, Predator, Vulcan Tower, Available at Command Post, cost 2500


Attack Bike - has Tiberium core missiles upgrade

Scarab APC - subterranean attack ability range doubled

Flame Tank - removed from game

Beam Cannon - charge defense ability bonus incresed by 50%

Reaper - do not spawn tiberium when dies, has Tiberium core missiles upgrade , add Ensnare ability - slow down enemy units

Stealth Tank - 10% more health, basic damage decreased, has Tiberium core missiles upgrade

Secret Shirne - produces Cyborg Commando (its doorway can accomodate Cyborg Commando better than hand of nods)

Tech Lab - new model (Resemble Nod Pyramid)

New units:

Devils tongue - flame tank, strong vs infantry, structure

Cost - 1200
Medium Armor
Hitpoints - 3700
Requirements - Nod Warfactory, Operations centre

Abilities - Subterrain attack

Cyborg Commando - heavy elite cyborg, strong vs. vehicle , infantry, structure, produced on Secret Shirne

Cost - 3000
Havy Infantry Armor (takes more damage from cannon fire, but less damage from small arms and sniper fire)
Hitpoints - 4000
Requirements - Secret Shirne, Chemical Plant

Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower)

Upgrade - Enhaced Servomechanism - available at Secret Shrine

New upgrade

Tiberium Core Missiles - increases attack damage, affect Attack Bike, Reaper, Stealth tank, Available at Tech Lab, cost 3000


Seeker Tank - has Tiberium Shards upgrade

Gun Walker - has Tiberium Shards upgrade

Manta - is no longer transport, deploy Ion Storm - need upgrade Ion storm Generator

Annihilator tripod - has conversion beam

Storm Rider - detect stealth

Planetary Assault Carrier - do not detect stealth anymore, ion storm ability requires upgrade - Ion storm Generator

New unit

Stalwart Squad - heavy infantry, strong vs. infantry, structure

Cost - 800
Havy Infantry Armor
Hitpoints - 750, two squad members
Requirements - Technology Assembler

Abilities - Close Combat assault - Stalwarts assault enemy using close combat power weapons. Inflict heavy damage to enemy vehicles and kills infantry and garrisoned infantry.

Upgrade - Blink Pack (same as Shock Troopers)

New Upgrades

Tiberium Shards - increases attack damage, affect Seeker Tank and Gun Walker, available at Technology Assembler, cost 2000

Ion Storm Generator - unlocks Ion storms for Manta and Planetary Assault Carrier

Version 1.2

This version is actually fixed v1.1 but there is litle bit more. According to comunity feedback I have done some balance change and minor visual changes.

Change log (see version 1.0 in history below for more details)

Bugs fixed

Gdi Rifleman squad can build bunker again
GDI Rig have working call for transport ability
Mammoth MKII can´t be deployed after death when his husk is still alive, his husk must be destroyed too
Most missing or incorrect descriptions at some upgrades, units and buildings fixed


Nod Cobra Artillery - 10% more health, 15% more firepower
Nod Banshee - 15% more health, 8 rounds per clip (was 6), 800 damage each (was 1050),6400 total (was 6300)


Banshee fires two plasma bolts like in Tiberian Sun fmv
Added muzzle flash when banshee fires
Improved nod militant and nod rocket militant house color texture
Nod Cobra Artillery - new quotes, better fire effect
Adjusted Mammoth MKII animations


Version 1.1

Change log (see version 1.0 in history below for more details)


-removed EA logo, game start faster
-certain upgrades moved to tier 2 (like in KW)
-EMP blast looks like Tiberian Sun EMP blast ;)
-All outposts can repair vehicles, health doubled
-changed tiberium field (both green and blue) central model to be like in Tiberian Sun/Down, Firestorm
-Added 5 new units - GDI Orca Bomber, GDI Wolverine, Nod Banshee, Nod Cobra Artillery, Alien Manta and Ghost Stalker
-Walls for all factions has 50% more health
-blue tiberium explode when killed

-Dropship Bay - renamed to Dropship Command, new model, replaces Space Command uplink
-Space Command Uplink removed from Game, support powers moved to Dropship Command

-V35OX is now regular unit, transports vehicles only
-Titan is now regular unit and has rail gun upgrade
-Ion cannon strike now looks like and works like in previous CnC and CnC3 fmv´s (strikes faster).
-Orca can be upgraded with Minigun - additional weapon can attack air and ground units
-War factory model resized
-Retextured Grenadier model
-Guardian Cannon replaced by RPG Tower from Tiberian Sun with similar statistics (I have never use to guardian cannon as GDI building, too much it resemblance Nod Gun Turret from Tiberian Down)
-Hover MLRS cost 1100, 25% more firepower vs aircraft
-Pillbox (Rifleman Dig in building) can be repaired when garrisoned
-Titan has new quotes

-Mammoth MKII - Railguns fire rate 25% slower but damage 20% increased
- chin mountent autocannon turret has now limited turn angle so can´t turn back and shoot through mammoths legs (looks stupid)
- Missile pods has now 180 degree turn radius so can turn back (their limitation in v 1.0 was omission from my part)
-apocalipsa tank quotes replaced for KW marv quotes

GDI units Update:

Titan - heavy mech strong vs vehicles
Under pressure of many GDI field commanders GDI command decided restore Titan production too. It has required major improvements to present war factory to make it capable of production enormous battle mech like Titan are but it was worth of undergoing. Based on old successful design with railgun enhancement is new Titan once again symbol of GDI supremacy on battlefield.

Cost - 1500
Heavy Armor
Hitpoints - 4500
Armament - 120 mm Cannon, 500 damage per shot, 1000 damage with rail gun upgrade
Requirements - GDI War Factory, Command Post
Upgrades - Rail gun

Abilities - leaving husk when destroyed
- can crush lesser vehicles under feet

Wolverine - light mech strong vs infantry
GDI command required something capable of handle Nod suicide bombers and other fanatics swarming battle field like ants. In middle of war there was no time for development new anti-infantry weapon so they look back to second tiberium war to answer and find - wolverine. Despite archaic design his twin Assault Cannons can handle any infantry offensive with easy.

Cost - 800
Light Armor
Hitpoints - 2500
Armament - 2x Assault Cannon, 6 rounds per clip 40 damage each
Requirements - GDI War Factory, Command Post

Orca Bomber - heavy bomber strong vs vehicles, structure
Between second and third tiberian war was orca bomber replaced by more agile and cheaper firehawk but when third war emerge requirement of heavier aircraft capable of bearing large loadout of bombs become obvious. Old design of orca bomber has been altered and based on experience from second war a minigun has been added to increase orca bomber chance versus enemy aircraft and infantry armed with anti-aircraft weapons.

Cost - 2400
Heavy Armor
Hitpoints - 3200
Armament - Bombs, 8 per clip, 1000 damage each (8000 total)
Requirements - GDI War Factory, Dropship Command
Upgrades - Minigun - additional weapon can attack air and ground units

GDI Support powers Update:

Mech Sperhead - Replaces Titan Sperhead from v 1.0
- Deploys 2 Titans and 2 Wolverines on the battle field
- Available on Dropship Command
- Cost - 4500
- Reload time - 5 minutes

Brotherhood of Nod:

-Retextured Scarab APC
-Scarab Apc has new quotes
-Nod basic infantry retextured to Nod style ;)
-Tiberium infusion is no longer represent by green aura but new texture on Militants and Rocket Militants
-Buggy EMP upgrade and Signature generator upgrade moved to Operation Center
-Sam turret has new Tiberian Sun style model
-Caryall is now regular unit, transports vehicles only
-Black Hand - immune to tiberium radiation
-Obelisc of Light - 15% more health, Cost 2000
-Decoy army support power - cloned units has more health
-Scarab APC has 2500 HP (was 2200) and comes with preload Rocket Militant squad (was Militant squad), Cost 800
-Reaper has 3000 HP (was 2700) cost retain, moved to tier 2 (requires operation center to build)
-Militant squad has 8 squad members and 50% more health, cost 300
-Confesor minigun has 50% more damage
-Cybors has 10% more health
-Avatars beam Cannon cannon laser appear like beam similar to Beam Cannon weapon and obeliscs anti infantry laser (is taken from beam cannon it should work like that)
-Disruption Tower - stealth self, cost 1500 power requirement 15, require Tech Lab

-New Upgrade - Advanced Avionics - available at Tech lab allow Banshee attack air units

-New Upgrade - Enhaced Servo - available at Secret Shrine, improves cyborg movement speed

-New Upgrade - Drilling Mechanism upgrade - replaces Dozer Blade, same benefits as Dozer blade, in addition unlocks Scarab APC and Scorpion Tank MKII dig in abilities

Nod units Update:

Banshee - heavy jet fighter strong vs vehicles
During years after second tiberian war most nod advanced technology has been lost in chaos which follow or simply replaced with cheaper alternatives. This was Banshee destiny too or at least everybody thought so. When Kanes return most forgotten technology returns with him. Back in command Kane ordered restore production of Banshee again because his planes count with arrival of aliens and banshee was based on their technology therefore destined to become best counterpart against them. However, Kanes order included demand on stronger proton torpedoes which delayed development new Banshee until middle of third war. But now is Banshee again ready to be Kanes best technology of peace.

Cost - 2000
Heavy Armor
Hitpoints - 3500
Armament - Proton torpedo launcher, 6 rounds per clip, 1050 damage each (6300 total)
Requirements - Nod Air Tower, Tiberium Chemical Plant
Upgrades - Advanced avionics - avaiable at Tech lab, allow Banshee attack air units

Cobra mobile Artillery - sidge weapon
Advanced artillery from second war has been considered obsolete in days before third war and replaced by multipurpose Beam Cannon but his limited distance has been no match for GDI Juggernout and leave Nod in disadvantage. Kane cannot let this happen and ordered restore production of new Cobra Mobile artillery based on old advanced artillery but with stronger armor and faster deploy capabilities.

Cost - 1400
Light Armor
Hitpoints - 3200
Armament - 155mm howitzer, 1500 damage, must deploy to fire
Requirements - Nod War Factory, Tech lab (Nod Tech Centre)
Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower)

Scorpion Tank MK II - Light Tank. Strong vs. Vehicles.
First series of scorpion tank was not as successful as Kane expected. Tank has too weak armor to stand a chance versus strong GDI tanks in late war days so Kane ordered his minions to add tick tank ability dig in to fortified position on Scorpion Tank. This required serious redesign tanks body and increase cost a bit but new Scorpion Tank MK II become stronger in combat and much more useful in defence than before.

Cost - 900
Light Armor
Hitpoints - 2750 (was 2400)
Armament - 105mm cannon, 275 damage (was 240), 520 with laser capacitor upgrade
Requirements - Nod War Factory
Abilities - call for transport (Air Tower)
dig in - allow scorpion deploy to fortified position similar to Tiberian sun tick tank which gives Scorpion tank 50% bonus to armor and 25% bonus to weapon range, Requires Drilling Mechanism upgrade (Tech Lab)

Nod Support powers:

Subterrain Strike - Deploys squad of Black Hand and Cyborgs on the battle field
- Available on Secret Shrine
- Requires Operation Centre
- Cost - 2000
- Reload time - 3 minutes

-Plasma discs upgrade and Blink packs upgrade moved to statis chamber where infantry upgrades belongs

-Lighting spike weapon damage 10% increnesed

-New upgrade Tiberium Conversion Beam - Equipes Anihilator Tripod and Seeker Tank with Tiberium Conversion Beam - available at Technology Assembler
- 50% boost to weapons, more damage to infantry, limited amunition

Alien Manta - heavy infantry tranporter strong vs infantry and light vehicle

Manta has been named due its resemblance with popular ray by soldiers who spotted this alien unit and have the chance to talk about. Unlike earth Manta this one is armed with lightning weapon with devastating effect on infantry and light vehicles. And it seem that aliens do not really only on worm holes and teleports in case of transporting their infantry. Manta has been spotted like swallowed some alien shock troopers, however, it not eat them but transport them on new location. During transporting shock troopers has been capable of attack from inside this beast with lethal efficiency.
Commander consider Alien Manta as extremely dangerous.

Cost - 1000
Light Armor
Hitpoints - 3000
Armament - Lightning bolt, 325 damage per shot
Requirements - Gateway


Ghost Stalker - Elite Infantry. Strong vs. Vehicle, Structures

Ghost Stalkers are the best from best mutants and armed with best technology mutants can scavenge over wasteland. In second tiberian war they sided with GDI because they believed that GDI can cure them but this becomes too difficult task for GDI and in time Mutants lost fate in GDI and move along. Now they are mercenaries for hire, but if GDI find way how cure them along with whole planet they are still wiling to join them again.

Cost - 2500
Infantry Heavy Armor
Hitpoints - 750
Armament - Rail gun 2000 damage per shot, C4 charges
Requirements - Mutant Hovel
Abilities - Destroy Structure, Destroy Walker, Heal in Tiberium

Only one Ghost Stalker may be trained at a time


Version 1.0 - first release

New Graphic

-classic tiberium model
-human infantry bleeding after hit
-add new explosive death for human infantry - infantry explodes in blood and gore when killed by explosive based weapons (grenade, rocket, bomb etc).
-add missing flamethrower hit effect
-new burned death (experimental stage, works with laser death too)
-add chance that black hand and grenade soldiers explodes like in old cnc games (right now its just effect, explosion do not collateral damage)
-new explosion effect for juggernaut weapon warhead
-new rocket trail effect
-new rail gun effect - added projectile and new trail (feels more like tiberium sun rail guns now)
-new heroic laser for all nod units - red-orange (in my opinion blue is not true Nod color)
-bigger model for annihilator tripod, walk animation fixed (I mean weird animation lag which occurred during moving)
-alien seeker tank projectiles now travels in straight line (looks better, do not affect game balance)
-all commando units are highlighted with house color decal underfoot (I have always problem find them in crowd of other soldiers, don´t you?)
-altered nuke explosion
-altered model for avatars beam cannon upgrade

Sound changes

-new predator gun fire sound
-new mammoth gun fire sound
-mammoth move sound - louder (now you notice that this behemoth is moving)
-avatar fire sound - obelisc like sound
-new sounds for some explosive effects (taken from tiberian down, where is best sounds I ever heard in CnC game)
-new sound for scorpion tank laser cannon (from TS)
-new sound for nod base defense laser cannon (from TS)
-gdi commando sounds changed to tiberian down commando sounds (I think his voice is just cool)
-fixed missing fire sound at missile soldier and rocket militant when heroic
-new sound for gdi apc machinegun (from RA)
-new sound for nod buggy machinegun (from TD)

Balance changes:

-all missiles flying 33% faster
-added buildable walls to all factions, requires barracks to build
-heroic units gain 10% bonus to speed

-Orca strike support power - delivers double damage (up to 5000 hit points), cost - 1500. Spawning 5 Orcas.
Spawned Orcas health reduced from 3000 to 2000 each.
-Mammoth Tank - missiles 10% more firepower, speed increased to 45 (like in patch 1.1 for Kanes Wrath)
-grenade soldiers grenades - flying faster, double reload time (slower), 33% more firepower, greater scatter vs infantry, cannot fire while moving
-grenade soldiers health 10% reduced
-Zone Troopers - 10% more health, Autoinjectors upgrade increase health 40% (was 30%) and 33% faster regeneration rate
- new zone trooper armor makes Zone troopers less vulnerable to anti infantry weapons, but more vulnerable to anti vehicle weapons
-gdi guardian cannon requires weapon factory to build and have 35% more firepower.
-Sniper squad cost reduced to 1000
-Hunter killer Team support power cost reduced to 3000
-radar is moved from construction yard to command post

-nod fuel bomb support power - 25% lesser damage, cost 3000 (like in patch 1.8), bomber health 25% increased.
-nod black hand - 25% reduced health, 10% more firepower
-nod laser cannon hub requires weapon factory to build and have 35% more firepower.
-Stealth tank fires 6 missiles per clip instead of previous 10, overall firepower 20% reduced
-Beam Cannon - requires NOD Operations Center to build (is tier 2 unit now)
-Avatar - primary laser firepower reduced back to previous 1000, Cost reduced to 2000, beam cannon upgrade firepower 50% increased,
flame tank upgrade reload time doubled (slower)
-Sacred Shirne create Black Hand squad when destroyed or sold (was Shadow squad)
-radar is moved from construction yard to Operations Center

-scrin photon cannon requires Gateway to build and have 35% more firepower
-all scrin vehicles heal in tiberium
-radar is moved from Drone Platform to Control Center



Mammoth Mark II - yes, this good old mech is back better than ever. Rumor is that gdi realized, in face of nod avatars crawling on battlefield that
it was a terrible mistake discontinued this project and quickly restore its production. However, it is still very expensive and
time consuming vehicle so their presence on battlefield will be still rare. Anyway even one Mammoth Mark II on battlefield is good
news for any GDI commander.

Hitpoints - 25 000

Armor - Heavy (similar to mammoth tank)

Armament - 2x double barelled railguns (strong vs vehicles)
- 2x missile launcher (strong vs aircraft, can aim ground targets but is less effective)
- 1x double barelled autocannon (strong vs infanry)

Abilities - Self repair - Mammoth Mark II have engineers on board which do their repair duty at any circumstances
- leaving husk when destroyed
- can crash lesser vehicles under feet

Requirements - GDI Dropship Bay
- Support power Mammoth Stomp - cost 5000
- weapons factory have not capabilities to construct such enormous vehicle,
so gdi distribute Mammoth Mark II via drop ship.
- there can be deployed only one Mammoth Mark II per army

Titan - Gdi not produce this mechs anymore, though they have still few in stockpiles all around the world, and some commanders still likely includes
this relics in front of their armies for their thick armor, firepower and ability to crash lesser vehicles under feet.

Hitpoints - 4 500

Armor - Heavy (similar to mammoth tank)

Armament - 120mm cannon - (strong vs vehicles)

Requirements - GDI Command post
- Support power Titan Spearhead - Cost 3000 - a dropship deploys couple of titans anywhere on the battlefield

Hover MLRS - There was never explained by old gdi top command why they stopped production of this most successful vehicle,
but new command seems to think otherwise and suddenly restore its production again.

Hitpoints - 2500

Armor - Light (similar to apc)

Armament - 227mm long range missile launcher (strong vs. light structure, infantry, aircraft)

Requirements - War Factory, GDI Command post

Cost - 1200

Abilities - call for transport


Cyborg Squad - Kanes return inspirited many fanatics to sacrifice their lives and becomes Cyborgs - Kanes loyal servants unto death and maybe even beyond.

Armament - right hand mounted minigun (good vs infantry, light vehicles)

Armor - heavy infantry armor (similar to zone trooper)

Hitpoints - 500 per squad member (3 squad members total)

Requirements - Hand of Nod, Sacret shrine

Cost 800

Abilities - call for transport
- Die hard - cyborg resilience on battlefield is beyond any soldier, even when lost halve of his body he do not die and
continue in fight
- Tiberium heal - cyborg regenerate health in tiberium

Cyborg Reaper - Heavy four legged cyborg, originally developed by rebellious nod computer system Cabal during second tiberium war.
Now is Reaper in Kanes service, no more for harvesting people, but for his lethal weapons which includes both
anti-ground and anti-air missile launchers.

Armament - 2x anti-ground missile launcher
1x anti-air missile launcher

Armor - heavy

Hitpoints - 2700

Requirements - Nod War factrory, Nod Tech center

Cost 1300

Abilities - Tiberium heal - reaper regenerate health in tiberium

Scarab Subterrain Apc - infantry transporter, have no weapons but comes with preloaded militant squad, which can shoot out from vehicle
Can by upgraded with drilling tools (dozer blade upgrade) which improves its armor and unlock subterrain attack ability

Armament - none

Armor - heavy (like scorpion tank)

Hitpoints - 2200

Requirements - Nod War factory, Hand of Nod

Cost - 800

Abilities - Subterrain attack - Scarab APC can burrow and move under ground to designated location unseen by enemy, but this ability is limited
with distance and when dig out Scarab cannot move for short period of time.


Gdi Dropship Bay - the only place where can be Mammoth Mark II deployed.

Hitpoints - 5000

Requirements - Gdi Space command uplink,

Cost - 1000

Provides support power - Mammoth Stomp

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