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Description: Company of Heroes - Afrika Corps

The Afrika Korps Mod adds new units as well as new textures to your game. It's secondary purpose is to enhance your Compay of Heroes experience and several sutom made maps.

Afrika Korps mod by Kamino

this mod adds new units and texture to the game, it is made for op but can be canged over.

new units


Barracks -

Trenches Buildable


Infantry Suport truck-
HMG Section
Mortar Section
HERO - Pvt. McGreagor

Reinforcments truck (new)
Ranger Team
M4 Sherman


Many New Textures

Krieg Barracks-
SUB HERO - Kamino(dosnt show up - bug)

Trences Buildable

Panzer Elite-
PE Stormtroopers

Trences Buildable

Future releases will include:

Most stuff from Dawn of Conflict

New heroes for PW and British

Tank Hero is still undecided (British)


Inf Hero is still undecided (both german factions)

New tanks for PE

this is v1 lots of bugs that will be fixed soon

Afrika Korps (map pack)

by: "$ TEXAS $"


Desert Fox: (2 vs. 2)
Map contains a centralized Hill and small narrow canyon for infantry and small vehicles to sneak through.
This version has updated terrain and a few new objects.

Desert Tactics: (2 vs. 2 Coded map)
Each team starts on ones side of an open no mans land, each teams side has objects to help the defenders.
map is coded and provides command abilities automatically to every player, central control points will provide
reinforcements to the controlling team (this map is unchanged from Desert Tactics OF version)

Canyon: (2 vs. 2)
This map contains a large but narrow canyon. The top side of the canyon is only accessible by infantry, so
infantry are a very important part of this map. Tanks are also important to secure the canyon floor.

Desert Hill: (2 vs. 2 Coded map)
This is a single player style map in which the allies must hold the hill for 40min. If the Allies lose the
hill or all of there units they lose. all units are provided through reinforcements except for one glider
were player 2 can build a limited number of units. Glider can also be used to reinforce damaged infantry units.
(This map can also be played as Axis but is not very challenging)

Feel free to use these maps in any way you want just give me credit for my work!

if you have any problems you can contact me at [email protected]



*due to my computor freaking out when it sees an SGA file the maps are only usable in this mod (unless you move the files)

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