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Fallout 3 - Interactive Flash Map
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Description: Fallout 3 - Interactive Flash Map

This is a interactive map of the Fallout 3 world that shows in depth information and locations of special items, stations, skill books, and Enclave camps.

NOTE: Requires a flash player or entering the map into IE or Firefox to view.

A basic interactive .swf world map, that displays all markers and their name upon hovering.

How to use:
-Click "PROCEED" if you want to see the map.
-Hover over symbols to display area name.
-Click the buttons at the bottom to hide the correspoding group of icons, so to make the map
more clear. Click again to reveal them.
If you want for example to view only the Metro stations, click "ALL" to hide all markers and
then the Metro button "M" to reveal only the Stations.
-Use the Bobblehead buttons inside the item menu to display Bobblehead markers. Hover over them
for extra info and images.
=Use the Skill Books buttons inside the item menu to display skill book markers. Hover over them
for additional info.
-Use the flash player right click menu to zoom in/out. Open the "text near cursor" button to
view names when zoomed in.
-Toggle secondary locations on/off and use "easy" button to target them easily.
-Open the search panel to perform a non-case sensitive search.

Current Progress
Working on the rest of Skill Books markers.

NOTE: If you find typos, or antthing dispalyed incorrectly, please comment.
My blog: http://f3navi.blogspot.com/
My e-mail: [email protected]

-Added a DC Metro Map. Access it through the "DC button. The Map is searchable.
-Added all Primary, Secondary and Enclave Camp markers on DC Metro Map based on Collector's Guide.
Markers' visibility is toggleable. Easy target works on them. Map still misses metro routes.
-Added 6 out of 13 groups of Skill Books (149 books).
-Introduced a collectibles Menu which you can open by clicking the "ITEMS" button(where bobblehead
buttons were). Inside you find the buttons for various item markers.
-Search field now has focus when Search panel is opened.
-Search button now listens to keyboard key "Enter" when search field is focused.
-Re-wrote the whole AS code (took a lot of time).
-Fixed typos.

-Added a search function. Open the search panel, and performe a non-case sensitive search.
-Added Enclave Camp markers.
-Text next to mouse now is on by default.
-Fixed typos.

Fixed an issue with easy targeting function (thanks to Killa B)

-Added most of the Secondary locations as displayed in Collector's Guide. Missing some in the
contested area.
-Added a function to easy hover over secondary locations while the primary are visible for
location comparison.
-Got rid of the default cursor that appears when you right click. You can use the build-in
flash menu items "zoom in" and "zoom out" for better use of the map.
-Added a button that enables text next to cursor, so you can see locations' names when zoomed
-Replaced the mosaic map with the one extracted from the .bsa textures files. (thanks to maskim
for his suggestion and to Killa B for his interest and time).
-The primary locations buttons now have a tooltip based on the names given to markers in the
.bsa texture file.

NOTE: For those with bigger resolutions than 1024x768, open the file by double clicking it
and maximize it. The map and all its elements will scale up to your desktop.

-Confirmed and captured screeshots for all the Bobbleheads. You can view the images in the
map by hovering over the Bobblehead markers.
-Added loader for the browser version.

-Added S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and Skill Bobbleheads markers. Reveal them by clicking the two new
buttons at the bottom menu. Click again to hide.
Hover over the markers to display some more info on location.
-Added two missing area markers (thanks to HornedReaperMJL)

Increased size / fixed typo

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