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Fallout 3 - Realistic Gun Sounds v1.3

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File Info: Fallout 3 - Realistic Gun Sounds v1.3

Fallout 3 - Realistic Gun Sounds v1.3
Honnou, Gohda, Snickers
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Description: Fallout 3 - Realistic Gun Sounds v1.3

Replaces the original Fallout 3 gunfire sounds with realistic and more powerful firearms sounds that mimic real life conventional firearms.

For this to work, you must go into your FALLOUT.ini (located in "*yourdrive*:\Documents and Settings\*yourname*\My Documents\My Games\Fallout3"), and change this line:
to this:

This mod changes some sounds, mostly conventional firearms, to have MUCH stronger, louder sounds, as well as some misc. sounds (taking out a rifle for instance). You should notice a HIGHLY marked difference from Vanilla.


Place the Sound folder into your "\Fallout 3\Data\" folder. Follow the important instructions. A word of warning - don't have your volume up TOO loud ;)

Version History:
1.0: Changed several guns.
1.1: Added 10mm SMG, Lincoln Repeater, Laser pistol/Rifle, modified some sounds.
1.2: Added a new head crippled sound when you blur out, added new bullet impact sounds, added new nuclear blast, added new frag grenade sounds (Note - both the nuke and the grenade suffer from the "doesn't fade properly over distance" thing. Working on that, trying to figure it out, but it maybe be in the game's programming...)
1.2.1: Fixed an issue with installing, it should now be completely drop and play (except for the .ini file).
1.3: Added Alien Blaster. Fixed issue with some sounds (explosions) not fading over distance. Some reworked sounds.

I'd like to maybe add a subtle bolt os slide slamming sound to each weapon so that when in VATS you can hear it.

Some sounds are slightly longer than VATS, when slowed down. The .44, Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Combat Shotun, and Sawn-off Shotgun. It can get annoying if you focus on it, but I've mostly been playing real-time, where it's less of an issue. This happens with Vanilla, as well.

In Sound\fx\wpn\pistol22, you'll find two copies of the same sounds.
These are named Subsonic and Supersonic. Pick which one you like, and renamed the two (2d and 3d) so that they don't have the title Subsonic or Supersonic anymore, like wpn_pistol22_fire_2d.wav.

Jagged Alliance 1.1.3 mod team (Some sounds)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Redux mod team (Some sounds; this team also includes

myself [Gohda] :P)
Snickers, without whom I'd still be stuck trying to figure out how to get stuff like this working!

Honnou / Gohda. Woo, one of the first modders for F3!

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