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Fallout 3 - Custom Race Resource v1.0

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File Info: Fallout 3 - Custom Race Resource v1.0

Fallout 3 - Custom Race Resource v1.0
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Description: Fallout 3 - Custom Race Resource v1.0

This mod allows load custom characters and upload features like an eyepatch, playing as a Ghoul, and loading different character features.

Name: CustomRaceModResource for Fallout 3
Version: 1.0
Author: taylorsd
Date: 11/08/08


First this mod puts the Ghoul as a playable character in the game. You will have to start a new game or open the
command console and do whatever it is you do to get to the chargen page. I cant use the console on my laptop and
i dont know the command. Go to the forums or search the Net.

The second thing it does is add the Eyepatch to the game allowing you to wear it place of a beard ( males only).
Sorry Females i cant get the eyepatch for you yet as it takes up the Beard slot and i cant get meshes into the
game So its for males as of right now. YOu can either get to it from the command console via the chargen page or
go get a haircut and select it to wear as a beard. Go visit the Ghoul in the Underworld or your robot in your
house at Megaton to get a haircut and select it.

The third thing it does is setup a structure for modders to use to get their own custom characters in the game
using the Goul as the base.

Changelog 1.0-
This is Original Version

- Open the zip file and extract the CustomRaceModResource.esp and place it in your Fallout3\data directory
(default C:\Program Files \Bethesda Softworks\Fallout3\data)
- Next launch fallout3 and select Data files from the launcher and check CustomRaceModResource.esp
- Then launch the game

Uncheck the plugin or just delete the .esp file

Additional Notes
Thanks to Timeslip for FOMM and Bethesda for the great game

Bugs and Incompatibility
None as far as i know

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice
I can careless what you do with this mod, use and abuse it, make it better and upload it, i dont care.

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