Fallout 3 - Tesla Power Armor Black Red Skin

File Info: Fallout 3 - Tesla Power Armor Black Red Skin

Fallout 3 - Tesla Power Armor Black Red Skin
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Description: Fallout 3 - Tesla Power Armor Black Red Skin

This Skin turns the Tesla Power Armor to a very intimidating black suit with red highlights. In the dark, the suit is all black with only the eyes glowing red.

Retexturing of the current Tesla Armor to make it black with red highlights, quite scary in darker lighting as the armor appears almost pure black except for the eyes.

This is a preleminary release, this is to get a general consensus to what needs changed/modified in the skin, what people like/don't like etc. I'm hoping to eventually add a custom glowmap and possibly Glove textures once the whole mess with modifying models gets finished up.

Feel free to upload your own screenshots in different light environments, my testing was limited to just broad daylight and a subway lighting environment.

Installation Instructions:
Add the Textures folder to the Data folder of Fallout 3
Insert the following lines into your ArchiveInvalidation.txt


If you don't have an ArchiveInvalidation File create a .txt file and fill it with those lines and save it into your Fallout 3 Directory's base (Ex: C:/Program Files/Fallout 3/)

Also a modification to Fallout.ini (Your Documents/My Games/Fallout 3/FALLOUT.ini) in the line ""bInvalidateOlderFiles=" set this from 0 to 1

Both of these might not be required on your end, but for safety reasons I did both and include both.

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