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Cross Fire Client (Free Game)
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In Cross Fire, two international mercenary forces corporations are at war. Players assume the role of either a Black List mercenary or a Global Risk terrorist, and join an online team that must work together to succeed in completing objective-based scenarios.

The latest version includes GP and SP Black Market Crates, a new Ghost Mode map "Metro", a new search & destroy map "DesertStorm", three new weapons, and a slew of new items and equipment.
For registration information visit the FilePlanet Cross Fire page to start playing right now.


Sping Patch Notes

New Content Added
New Map MM/HM - Mall Added!
New Spring Crate Added limited time
Contains M4A1-Spring, Dual Uzi Pink and more
New Mauser M1896 ZP Crate
New Spring Grenade ZP Temp Added
New Panda Hat GP Temp Added
New Panda Backpack (10% exp) ZP Temp Added
New Bamboo Cantine (10% exp) ZP Temp Added
Cross Fire For Japan
10% of all Sales of the Panda items and the Japan Name Card from March 24th to April 24th will be donated to the Red Cross Japan Disaster Relief Fund.

Help Japan recover from this tragedy by showing your pride and love in-game with these Panda Items.

System Improvements
New Mission System and Badge UI Screen.
Click on the Yellow "Challenge" button to access the new missions and badge interface!
Text and Font changes in the UI for clearer reading.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug with the Merida Map display
Fixed a bug with the selling of the M4A1-E (you should not be able to sell any permanent crate weapons. ever.)
Fixed a bug with the kill icon for the M4A1-C
Fixed a bug with the Hand Location of the KRISS Super V

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