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Dirt v1.22 patch
Also known as:
CMR '07, Colin McRae Rally 6, Colin McRae: DiRT, CMR '07 [original title], Colin McRae Rally 2007
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Description: Dirt v1.22 patch

This is a patch that updates DIRT: Colin McRae Off-Road to v1.2. It fixes some save game issues, and includes a new set of leaderboards.


PATCH 1.2:
* Fixed a bug where some saved games were being corrupted during the save process. Saved games are only usable by the PC and user that created them.
* Includes a new set of leaderboards. These are separate to the existing leaderboards which will remain visible for people playing version 1.0 or 1.1.
* Also includes fixes of patch 1.1

PATCH 1.1:
* Fixed a bug where entering the options menu inside the game with no active sound card present would cause the game to crash.
* The game will now display an error message and prompt the user to quit the game when graphics settings are set beyond their hardware capabilities.
* Fixed an issue where on rare occasions vehicle's bonnets/wings would be invisible on entering a race.
* Corrected the minor miss spelling of Portuguese in the game.
* Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when regaining focus from another application, or the desktop.
* The sound mixer now defaults to SOFTWARE, for improved game performance. D3D and OPENAL are still available, for higher quality.
* Increased maximum Head-cam movement speed by 50%
* 5 axes mode support for Thrustmaster "RGT Force Feedback Pro" wheel
* Fixed a bug where Force Feed Back on controllers would stop working after the user returned focus to the game.
* Fixed a rare bug where it was possible to drive your vehicle before the start lights had gone green.
* Ultra graphic settings modified slightly to be usable with hardware of today.
* Improvements in performance of both internal audio, and external OpenAL drivers

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