Mount & Blade v1.011 Patch

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Mount & Blade v1.011 Patch
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Mount and Blade, Mount&Blade
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Description: Mount & Blade v1.011 Patch

This a patch to update Mount & Blade to version 1.011. This patch fixes a compatibility issue for save games created with 1.0 or 1.003.

Version 1.011 Changelog:

Fixed a compatibility issue for savegames created with 1.0 or 1.003.
The most prominent issues eliminated with Patch 1.010 are the following:

The patch solved compatibility problems with the latest ATI catalyst drivers as well as start-up issues on computers operating Vista.
Rendering performance significantly improved over version 1.0.
The patch fixes numerous bugs within certain quests and eliminates issues related to strategical developments in the game such as winning a civil war or abandoning a civil war.
The patch includes text corrections, corrections to the castle, village set-ups, and troop equipment changes.
The patch fixes both the English and German versions of the game.

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