Unreal Tournament 3 - vCTF-Boilerplate Team Art Mod

File Info: Unreal Tournament 3 - vCTF-Boilerplate Team Art Mod

Unreal Tournament 3 - vCTF-Boilerplate Team Art Mod
Also known as:
Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2007 [working title], UT3
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Description: Unreal Tournament 3 - vCTF-Boilerplate Team Art Mod

Delve into a steam-punk world where the lower class has just reached the boiling point in its revolution.

Make Something Unreal Submission:
-Phase 2: Best Game Mod
-Phase 2: Best New Character/Customization Pack
-Phase 2: Best VCTF Level
-Phase 2: Best Graphics in Map

A custom city scape designed from the ground up by our school team called Game Wizards. Screenshots can be found at http://ip-comic.com/Legion/Boilerplate/

vCTF-Boilerplate requires UT3 to be patched up to Version 1.3
To run the map extract the files into the UTGame folder,
the exe is a self extracting 7-zip archive that contains all the custom content in a Published folder

Thank you for downloading vCTF-Boilerplate!
It is a Steampunk styled mod created by the Game Wizards mod team over the last six months.It involved the contributions from 40 students and art and tech direction from our teachers.The map is made of a set of 200+ custom assets by our team, 6 custom weapons (5 on the map), 4 custom characters and one custom vehicle. It has been quite a journey to create this map as a fun playable vCTF experience.
Happy Fragging!
Project Lead,


Toli Carter Drachis_AT_gmail.com Project Lead
Serozh "Zero" Sarkisyan serozhsarkisyan_AT_gmail.com Art Lead
Jason Neal jasonphillipneal_AT_gmail.com Producer

Angel Grajeda m8325_AT_hotmail.com Design/Effects
Joey Thompson fire_warrior40k_AT_yahoo.com Design
Cynthia "MOM" Soza csoz2126_AT_hotmail.com Lighter

Larry Li LarryLi2004_AT_yahoo.com Lead
Jet Olaño thejetshowlive_AT_gmail.com
Scotty Wang adcd77660112_AT_yahoo.com.tw

Ryan Dao Dao.Ryan_AT_gmail.com Lead
Phil Horowitz obligatoryfox_AT_gmail.com Tech
Ryan Benno wattz23_AT_gmail.com
Robert Kim kimorbit_AT_hotmail.com
Vi Ngo Brigalangss_AT_yahoo.com

Jonny Rice ricejonny_AT_gmail.com Lead
Christopher "CIP" Willingham artofcip_AT_yahoo.com
Ron Oden ronodenjr_AT_hotmail.com Storyboards

Orlando Gonzalez Orlando.og284_AT_gmail.com Lead
Cory Davis cdavis0288_AT_hotmail.com
Ruben Morales RubenVoorHees1_AT_yahoo.com

Farzad "Fuzz" Namdjoo fuzztastic_AT_gmail.com Lead 'Rig Master"
Robin Dao robin.dao_AT_gmail.com
Josh Horne JAHNJ13_AT_hotmail.com

Elina Eganova karyuu_AT_gmail.com Texture
Rose Gomez rgomezWL_AT_gmail.com Textures

Giovanni Mendoza foxassassin27_AT_gmail.com Lead
Andrew Prince asprnce0418_AT_sbcglobal.net Lead
Josh Navarro JoshNavarro3D_AT_gmail.com Lead
Harout “Harry” Avakian Zeitoon911_AT_social.rr.com
Garret Barnard link0988_AT_yahoo.com
Salvador Carrillo Bulls_eye_electric_ray_AT_yahoo.com
Sergio Correa Phalian11_AT_gmail.com
Joaquin Espinoza espinoza_joaquin_AT_yahoo.com
Joe Gomes jcgthree_AT_yahoo.com
Abel Keshishian apeltheory_AT_gmail.com
Jill Nueva-Espana angelsquire925_AT_gmail.com
Albert “A.J.” Ramos ra1nman824_AT_gmail.com
Kurt Rohlfing oakkmr_AT_aol.com
Torrance Trotter TTTrotter_AT_gmail.com
Robert Valles spikesgoku_AT_yahoo.com

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