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Call of Duty 4 - UltraStats v0.3.13

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File Info: Call of Duty 4 - UltraStats v0.3.13

Call of Duty 4 - UltraStats v0.3.13
Also known as:
Call of Duty 4, COD 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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Description: Call of Duty 4 - UltraStats v0.3.13

This is a maintenance release containing some new features and bugfixes. Version 0.3.13 does also contain a major database upgrade, including changes on the table layout and adding missing weapons and maps. Since this is a database layout change, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to perform a FULL DATABASE BACKUP before installing this update!

For details see the changes below!

List of new Feature
- Added Icons for gameversions to the top left on the menubar.
- Added SQL_BIG_SELECTS workaround for certain databases
- Number of Top Players on main page is configureable now
- Added searchpage for searching in the chatlogs
- Added workaround for changed ACTION logging format of Pam4 in Cod4! However Pam4 still breaks log format in a way that some features like chatlogging will not work with PAM4.

List of bugfixes
- Fixed PHP4 compatibility issues in logparser
- Fixed Donate Button ;)
- Added database upgrade V7, including important changes in the database. Adds also missing weapons, maps and other stuff automatically, also on existing installations.
- Fixed SD Gametype default for codww, empty gametypes will be displayed with gametype id on main page now.
- Fixed "WTF OMFG" Error when playertime was 0 seconds, proberly because client directly disconnected
- Fixed strange increment error in install.php

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