Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-TanksForPlaying

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Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-TanksForPlaying
Josh Turpen (CaptainSnarf)
Also known as:
Unreal Tournament 3, Unreal Tournament 2007 [working title], UT3
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Description: Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-TanksForPlaying

Inspired by WAR-TankCrossing! Drive the tank up the lift and to the pressure pad to attack the enemy core.

Make Something Unreal Submission:
-Phase 2:Best Warfare Level

Changes since RC1

- cleaned up minimap

Changes since beta3 -

- Fixed lift/coor door bug introduced in patch 1.3 :\
- Added more wires and poles
- Added jump boots and shaped charge
- Adjust some sounds

Changes since beta2 -

- Fixed near impossible deemer path, bots can now find it, can you?
- added more meshes behind core, hanging banners on front
- reduced distance blur effect
- fixed hammer jump/core door exploit
- smoothed hard landing from scorpion/bender jump
- added siren lights at base when core is exposed
- remade center buildings
- added stinger, moved superhealth
- added tank healing zone for balance, sit tank on healing zone and gain health

Changes since beta1 -

- uh, many many changes!
- kismet adjusted to make bots follow objectives better
- sounds, polish, added hell bender, added secrets, clan logos, screenshots

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