Unreal Tournament 2004 - Hall of Giants Map CTF

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Unreal Tournament 2004 - Hall of Giants Map CTF
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UT 2004, Unreal Tournament II 2004
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Description: Unreal Tournament 2004 - Hall of Giants Map CTF

This is a custom capture the flag map with a vertical layout. The map is a port of an older map, updated for Unreal Tournament 2004.

CTF-Hall Of Giants 2004
By Will ""ZedMaestro"" Zeal
ZedMaestro's 1st Map for UT2003/UT2004
Programs used by me: UnrealEd3
Programs used by map assisters: 3DSMax, Photoshop 7

Map SummaryInfo:
""The Hall Of Giants is now open to the Tournament again after being closed for
some time for renovation. Only a few relatively minor modifications have been
made to the structure, which has been widely acclaimed due to its uniqueness
over other CTF maps. Features of the Hall include its extreme height, its
complete low-gravity environment, its intense lighting, its peculiar speed
tubes, and its huge variety of tactical approaches to victory. Its one thing
getting the enemy flag, its another thing getting it to yours...""

Map Info:
Textures: Almost every one of them new, though they were all imports from
Unreal Tournament G.o.t.Y. Edition CD2.
Static Meshes: Ramps and ledges, although these are actually properly
converted BSP brushes in 3DSMax by Bonehed316.
New Sounds: Two, again imported from Unreal Tournament.
New Scripts: Two brand new actors, a BotUTJumpPad. Works exactly like a normal
UTJumpPad but only affects bots. Written by me though instructed by Blitz.
These replaced the other new actor a BotKicker, a kicker that only kicked
bots, which was coded by AngelMapper.
New Music: The original music from Unreal Tournament's CTF-HallOfGiants,
Nether, converted to .ogg format by someone.

Map Credits:
Unreal Tournament CTF-Hall of Giants creator: Juan Pancho ""XceptOne"" Eekels

A huge thanks goes to the following who have helped me out hugely since this
map began, a very long time ago:

Authors Notes:
Thanks for getting CTF-Hall of Giants 2004. Firstly, to be honest, almost the
whole map is a direct port from UEd2 to UEd3. I only added the extra narrow
ramps. Secondly, in a way I didnt built the geometry of the map, really
Bonehed316 did since he very kindly helped by converting most of the BSP
geometry into Static Meshes and Blocking Volumes. The map has taken far too long
to make actually, well over 6 months now. This is partly because it is my first
every map so I was learning all the time, it is partly due to all the school
coursework and exams I've been doing (I'm only 17), and also it is because it
has been a very difficult map to get right. The bot pathing was made difficult
by the speed tubes and because of the option of switching from one ramp to
another. Overall since the start the map has been completely retextured 4 times,
has been completely relit 3 times, and completely repathed 4 times. However, its
done now I think. If there are any bugs you find, please post about them on the
Atari Forums in the CTF-Hall of Giants 2004 thread that I will make.

Known Bugs:
1. For no apparent reason bots do sometimes when they are respawning after a
translocation. They will constantly translocate on the same spot until some
kind of ""intervention"" is made by someone or something.
2. Also for no apparent reason the sounds that play when you enter and exit the
speed tubes do not always play. No one I've asked can explain this. When they
do play they are clearly audiable.
3. Yet again, for no apparent reason, when you exit the speed tubes, there is a
very tiny possibility that you may be thrown higher up above the map than
normal. However, this did sometimes happen in the original, but either way I
still dont know why.

Once again, thank you for getting CTF-Hall Of Giants 2004.


PS. There is likely to be a JB-Hall Of Giants 2004 for the new gametype mod
Jailbreak 2004. Check out www.planetjailbreak.com for Jailbreak 2004

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