STALKER: Clear Sky - v1.5.10 Patch (Download Version)

File Info: STALKER: Clear Sky - v1.5.10 Patch (Download Version)

STALKER: Clear Sky - v1.5.10 Patch (Download Version)
GSC Game World
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STALKER: Clear Sky
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Description: STALKER: Clear Sky - v1.5.10 Patch (Download Version)

This version 1.5.10 patch fixes issues with Alt + Tab problem with other no Windows apps running, critical rendering issue, a bug with different CD-keys registered, and upgrades the anti-cheating system. This version works with digital downloaded versions like those from Direct2Drive.

This patch is compatible with previous versions 1.5.04 and 1.5.09 and retains ability to play all saved games with patch 1.5.10. Details of changes in this patch are available in the changelog by clicking below.

patch 1.5.09.
Improved integrated anti-cheating system to take screenshots from the player’s screen.
Improved integrated anti-cheating system that allows the remote admins to track the modifications in network game parameters.
1.5.04 - 1.5.08 versions saved games will be compatible with 1.5.09.
Fixed bug with killing the player after respawn.
Improved player-checking system upon connection.
Fixed bug with RPG-7.
Fixed bug in buy menu.
Added new effect High Definition Ambient Occlusion.
Increased the game stability.
Changes of game balance in Multi-player:
Increased damage dealt by "Tunder ?14", "SA Avalanche ".
Added possibility to attach scope to "SA Avalanche".
"UDP Compact" pistol now has an increased cartridge (12 bullets).

# Added the possibility for admins to take screenshots of a player's screen (as an anti-wallhack-cheats measure) by console commands (make_screenshot, screenshot_all).
# Fixed bug with banning the players.
# Fixed bug with saving the rank and money amount of the player upon the round restart (if the player deliberately closed the game process in the task manager, and then reconnected).
# Increased the stability of the network play.
# Note: Saved games: 1.5.04 - 1.5.07 saved games will be compatible with

patch 1.5.08.

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