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Death Track: Resurrection - Demo
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DeathTrack: Resurrection
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In Death Track: Resurrection players take on the role of a rookie driver that enters the tournament for the first time. They soon learn that the battle on the track is sometimes not fair and to achieve the top results they need to believe the end justifies the means. After each race all pilots leave the field, some in body bags some with prize money. Bigger engines and bigger guns can be all that stands between a good driver and tombstone.

Game features:

- 10 cities of the future: Bangkok, Vatican City, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Prague, San Diego, Istanbul and Tokyo.
- 5 racing modes with over 100 km of tracks
- 10 powerful cars with different upgrades and skins
- Deadly weapons including: mines, rockets and guided robots
- Breathtaking stunts and different bonuses on each track
- In-game videos advance the thrilling detective story
- Modern graphic technologies - Bump, Specular, Parallax, Dynamic shadow & lights, Refraction and Bloom buffers, Sub Surface Scatering, Multylayered Materials
- Accurate physics
- Exclusive soundtrack

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