Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain - v1.072 patch

File Info: Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain - v1.072 patch

Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain - v1.072 patch
Heliotrope Studios
Also known as:
Pax Imperia 2: Eminent Domain
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Description: Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain - v1.072 patch

The last patch that was released for this classic space strategy game. This patch makes it possible to save multiplayer games.

Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain Readme
Version 1.072




This patch is being released as a public beta. No tech support will be available
to users of this release. Version 1.06 of Pax Imperia will remain available for
download. When we feel that this version has been sufficiently tested, it will
become an official supported release and version 1.06 will be removed from our

*** Why The Disclaimer Isn't So Bad ***

While this release is not officially supported by anyone, it is completely
unofficially supported by Heliotrope Studios. To provide our complete unofficial
support, we have created a completely non-official e-mail account for you to
send all your troubles too. Again, while this mail account will never be
officially read, but it will probably be read in an unofficial manner quite

Send any bugs/problems you are having with the game to:

[email protected]

*** WARNING ***
Installing this patch will overwrite all preferences and species designs set by
the player. You can try backing up the SpecData file in the Data folder, but
there is no guarantee it will be compatible with this new patch. It will depend
on what version you are upgrading from.

*** What's New ***

So far I have had great luck breaking the code while making all these changes.
I am hoping from here on out it will seem less like a beta and more like a
patch. I can't seem to just fix bugs though without throwing in something a
little extra. So look below for the relevent changes and again, let me know
what problems you are having.

We are now in the second iteration of this beta process. Since you are reading
this you are already aware that this version is now installable. Also new is a
first run at a feature that has been requested for a long time,
Multi-player Save.

It works as follows. The host can save a game from the options windows. Doing
this will tell all the computers in the game to save it on their computer. To
play the game, a network game must be started, the settings will not matter.
Once you are in the game, whoever is hosting the game can go to the options
windows and load the game up. It does not need to be the same host. All the
computers in the game will be told to load the game and you will all continue
from that point. Again, any settings for the network game you set up will be
discarded. Players who don't have the game will quit and be dropped. Their
empires will exist as if they quit in the middle of a game.

It is not possible within this system to introduce a new player who hasn't been
in the game to join up a saved game, short of sending him the save file of
another person in the game who is no longer playing. There is data specific to
each player which no other computer can replicate, so the original file is

An interesting side note. If anyone is intrigued about playing with co-managed
empires, this system will allow for it. Basically, copy the save game of one
player onto anothers computer. If that game is then loaded while those players
are in a network game, both players will be controlling the same empire. This
feature is completely unintentional, but I will leave it in as long as nobody
has a problem with it.

Again, fill us in on any problems you experience with this or any other feature.

*** Features ***

* Changed the IPX detection code which seems to work more accurately now.

* Changed how formation controls are acted on. Ships bump into each other less

* Fixed bug where network games were really slow

* Fixed bug where multiple command line option weren't parsed properly

* Added ability to network host to change the speed of the game through the
options window.

* Fixed bug where horizontal formation order wasn't working.

* Fixed bug where telling a fighter base to stop auto-attacking wasn't working

* Implemented multi-player save feature

* Added -nosound switch to the command line to turn off sound fx. (Will run more
stably under Windows NT.)

* Adjusted modem detection code, which was causing some systems to hang.

* Games can now be played using a modem to modem connection.

* De-synchronized players will now be dropped from the game rather than killing
the whole game session.

* Lost connections will timeout after 30 seconds and be dropped from the game.
People who drop their ISP's will no longer bring the whole game down.

* Reworked the join process to help avoid the "ghosting" problem of players who
were not really there joining the game.

* Adjusted the network code to adapt to latency as it changes throughout a
network game. The performance should be as close to optimal as you can get at
whatever latencies are involved.

* Fixed targeting bug in point defense weapons. Ships with only point defense
weapons will now fire at orbitals and other ships.

* Adjusted the movement code so ships will no longer wiggle when moving along a
straight line.

* Auto button in combat no longer turns itself on. When it is pressed, the
computer will control your ships until you press the button again to turn it
off. You can give commands to ships while they are in auto mode. They will obey
your command, and then resume being controlled by the computer.

* Adjusted the behavior of point-defense weapons to spread their fire more

* The speed of missiles was increased by 50%.

* Missiles are now fired starting with a 0 velocity, and then accelerate toward
their target.

* Adjusted the mines so only tracking and smart mines will do mine replacement.

* Fixed command-line parsing so the host and client commands now work.

* Fixed IP address display on Lobby Window to not frag the address after
pressing the join button.

* Fixed bug where re-joining a game after canceling was always failing.

* Network wait window now saves species choice.

* Changed the way combat orders are issued across the network to make them more

* The fighter button is only turned on in combat when the selected ships or
orbitals contain fighters.

* Fighters can now be issued orders from their command ship after they are

* Fighter bases can now re-call and order fighters properly.

* The targeting cursor will change to red when it is over a valid target.

* Ships drives will no longer get damaged in combat.

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