Spore - E3 2008 Trailer (HD)

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Spore - E3 2008 Trailer (HD)
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From the very tiniest forms of life to the intergalactic level of existence, you are in control of life itself in this simulation game by Will Wright. Beginning in the primordial ooze, players create a character from DNA that will grow, survive, and mate as it evolves from a single-celled organism to a fully-formed member of an establishing species. As more and more creatures inhabit the world, and as evolution forms the future, your species will join herds, clans, even civilizations. The more advanced the creatures of the planet grow, the more complex the strife of survival becomes. And while the player can continue gameplay in Spore at any level -- playing as a cell, as a wild creature, or as a civilized and organized society – players can also step even further out and play the game from the planetary or interstellar level, while also going online to connect worlds with other gamers.

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